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I mean it this time!

November 24, 2010

Recap TOMORROW.  I was in such a funk today because of the book I read.  I couldn’t get out of it for a long time.  SO DEPRESSING.  SO GOOD.  But it really sapped my energy for hours.

Now that I DO have energy in me, I’ma direct it toward NaNo because that needs more time than anything else right now, which means it’s meme for you.

Day 17 – Favorite story or collection of stories (short stories, novellas, novelettes, etc.)

The Stories of Ray Bradbury.  That man is a freakin’ genius.  (Second place: Sherlock Holmes.  SO FUN.)

Day 18 – Favorite beginning scene in a book

Like, first page kind of scene?  I don’t wanna cheat and talk prologue, because those can be crap ways to get people into action that doesn’t show up for hundreds of pages later (MEYER).  I think I might have to go with Matthew picking up Anne of Green Gables.  The PAGES she could talk, and yet…you like her.  You can’t help it.

Day 19 – Favorite book cover (bonus points for posting an image!)


Props to Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer for their first two hardcovers, Don’t Look Down and Agnes & The Hitman.  They are sneaky.  The first one is the most clever, but the second is so pretty: Under the very girly dust cover of DLD is a camo book cover with little gators that you don’t even notice at first; with Agnes, you have gunshots and when you take off the dust cover, a tablecloth.  But also with Agnes you have the picture of Agnes herself, which once gave my ex-boyfriend a minor heart attack because he thought it was me for a second.

I love the cover of DLD so much that I had my friend Teresa make a purse of it.  It will be here soon, but she posted some cool pictures of the process.  Here’s one:

How freaking cool is that?

Also, where are my bonus points?

You got a picture and everything, so I figure I can cut out a little early and get to my NaNo-ing.  Props to Psych for cheering me up.  Any show that’s snarky, funny, occasionally surprising, and has “Alex Chilton” playing in the background gets a big thumbs-up from me.

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