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The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion, Part 6: It ain’t the turkey, it’s the overeating

November 25, 2010

Otherwise, why would a vegan be exhausted?

Annnnyway, when last we left Our Substitutes, they were on their way to hang with Vickie and get some answers about Sue’s murder.  Damon has mojoed the clouds to fill the sky so that he and Stefan can do their work. Not that they’ll die or anything, since they have their protective lapis lazuli, but still, every little lack of sunlight helps.  Bonnie finds Damon to be enigmatic.  We know, Bonnie.  That’s why we all loved this series when we were young.

Damon can hear the Bennetts from outside the house and mojos THEM to sleep.  Bonnie, with her psychic abilities growing every day, totally feels the Power going on.  But this also is there to show us how weak Stefan is compared to his brother–maybe how human?

Stefan gets Vickie to come let them all in, especially the vampires who need that pesky invitation.  Vickie’s a hot mess, minus the hot.  As Meredith says, she looks like she’s ready to play Ophelia.  Vickie is also “half-tranced” from the mojo, so it’s easy for Stefan to get her to do stuff like open the window and invite them in.  At least she recognizes everyone, after a second.  Bonnie doesn’t do in because she’s not dressed for window-climbing.  Damon might see her unmentionables.  Who knows what he’d say?

Meredith is all comforting snuggles and gentle voices while Stefan’s all nudging her for info.  We find that Poor Vickie is again a broken shell of a human being, laughing hysterically and sure they’re all going to die.  She’s utterly positive no one can defeat HIM.

Stefan puts Vickie under even more so she can remember the events of that night.  He’s trying to get a description, and Vickie comes out with “He looks like the devil!”  Apparently, the devil wearing an old raincoat and sounds like the description of Julian in The Forbidden Game trilogy: blond with “electric blue” eyes.

I think he might be based off of Lacroix on Forever Knight. Just a feeling I have.

He laughed as he killed Sue, throwing her through the window.  Originally he was after Vickie, but Sue valiantly tries to save her not-quite-friend.  As you do when you’re blonde and noble.  No wonder Vickie’s a pile of guilt.  How can she live up to that?  Well, maybe with a bottle of hair dye.

Stefan tries to turn the conversation to blue jewels that would identify the guy as a vampire, but Vickie loses it, and so does the room.

Her bedroom becomes Poltergeist City, man.  Even the weather above them goes crazy, with lightning and thunder.

Bonnie freaks and grabs…something to hold on to.

Even Vickie’s poster gets ripped in half.  I wish Smith had told us what was on that poster.  Whitesnake?

Then it all stops quicker than it started.  Bonnie comes down from the fear and realizes she’s holding onto Damon.  How embarrassing.

The words “Goodnight, Sweetheart” are written on the mirror in Vickie’s “hot coral” lipstick.

Totally Whitesnake.

Stefan gets his game face on–er, not in the Buffy sense, because there are no bumpies here, but like, he’s in it to win it–and hands out vervain to Vickie for herself and her family, which should block any psychic attacks.  (So, what will it do to Bonnie’s abilities?)  Stefan reminds her that HIM needs to be invited.  (I’m just going to call him that.  Because, you know, it’s funny if you remember The Powerpuff Girls.) Which, of course, might be bs, buuuut…

Vickie spouts off some more of her YOU CAN’T DEFEAT HIM nonsense, and Stefan basically ignores her and tries to set up a Vickie watch.  Damon offers himself up as guard, and Stefan’s skeptical.  Damon turns his nose up (turns his fangs down?) on chomping on someone so disheveled (but Tanner was okay?) and points out that Stefan’s been trying to get him to be more trustworthy.  Of course, he’s doing the usual Damon-brat thing of being smarmy but whatever, he’s right, he makes the best guard.  Still, they have a little stand-off so that Bonnie can ogle them.

“Just then Bonnie would see the family resemblance in their faces, one serious and intense, the other bland and faintly mocking, but both inhumanly beautiful.”  That’s genetic, “inhumanly beautiful”?

Stefan agrees to Damon watching Vickie and “Meredith’s eyebrows were in her hair, but she made no comment.”  Heheheheh.  Stefan takes the human brigade out and tells them that he wants “to test a theory.”  This theory is about as stupid as any of ~*Elena’s*~ old plans.  Basically, he wants to see if Sue’s been bitten.  You know, Sue.  WHO WAS THROWN OUT A WINDOW.  Even if he took the ten seconds to bite her, there’s just as good of a chance it went down as bite-free as Vickie stated.  So, like, vampires CAN’T kill without taking a nibble first?  This is ridiculous.  There’s almost no chance that she’s been bitten–Vickie would’ve mentioned a real struggle, yes?–but hey, it progresses the plot so


Anyyyywho, Stefan reminds us all about the stones, and touches ~*Elena’s*~ ring under his shirt to remind us of his utter devotion.  “Stefan had given it to her in the first place, and after she died he’d taken it to wear on the chain around his neck.  So that part of her would be with him always, he’d said.”  Uh…let’s take into account that “Elena’s ring” was actually Katherine’s to begin with, so this is pretty hilarious.  He couldn’t have found a way to integrate her hair ribbon into his wardrobe instead? A piece of jewelry that she loved that was her mother’s that Bonnie and Meredith could’ve gotten to him from Aunt Judith?

Cheap Renaissance Italians.  Proposing to one girl with the ring of the last.

Bonnie finds his plan not stupid, but gross and disrespectful.  Stefan points out that the police “don’t know what to look for.”  What, VAMPIRE TEETH-SHAPED HOLES?  Shut up, Stefan.  This all reminds Bonnie that Stefan is a VAMPIRE, omg, and, like, one of “them.”  That seems to be pounded home to us a lot in this book.  After spending the first three books painting him as a whining teen with pointy teeth.

Fortunately for the plot, Sue’s viewing is that night.  Stefan and the gang decide to sneak in afterward and check her out.

We’re told the room is creepy because “It looked as if someone might be crouching behind each of the many standing flower arrangements.”  Nice line.  Bonnie is still horrified.  “This is the most gruesome thing I’ve ever had to do,” she said, forgetting that about two days before she was separating hair and blood from a torture scene.

Sue’s lying in a coffin, all blonde and beautiful.  No, seriously, we’re told this.  We needed another reminder of Sue’s blondness.  She’s “[l]ike a waxwork.”  Ew. I saw that movie.  It was…well, let’s not get into that.  I could be here all day.

Bonnie’s horrified that Stefan’s trying to see under her collar.  Oh brother.  The girls take over the job of pushing aside her clothes–because it matters sooo much–and find that there are no holes.  There is, however, a faint line, which confuses the heck out of Stefan because it’s the kind of line you make on yourself when you want a human to feed off of you.  Bonnie has a brief visual of ~*Elena*~ and Stefan getting it on, vampire-stylee, now that she knows how it works, and uh, she shudders.  Let’s leave it at that.

Bonnie situates Sue’s hair and buttons and gets herself out of the room.  Matt follows her to give her props for doing what needed to be done even though it grossed her out, and she loses it.  He comforts her because he’s Matt, but that cynicism we’ve been noticing in him has gone over to intense pessimism, and he starts monologuing about the horrors in the town and the world.

On that up note, the chapter comes to an end.

Next: No clue.  Unless there’s a dream sequence, I’m pretty blank on this book, as it turns out.

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