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Post turkey fun?

November 26, 2010

After a long debate between my husband’s parents’ generation and our own, we agree on one thing: there’s a rampant sense of entitlement in our generation.  But honestly?  Come on.  It isn’t just our generation.  As his uncle said, it was something that was taught to us.

As much as I’d like to say that it was out of the idea that the world could be changed for the better (and therefore we’re entitled to a better world), I’d also like to point out that the recent threads on the Amazon forums suggest that there’s an element of “do as I say and do as I do” going on.  People are FREAKING because they didn’t get the Kindle 2 on sale.  That’s the previous generation, by the way, and only fifty dollars cheaper than the new one.  I know “only” is a little dismissive of me.  However, the Kindle 2 does little on its own. It’s a gateway to more purchases, much like a video game system.*  (Well, an older video game system specifically, since a lot of the new ones have crappy web browsers–wait, just like my Kindle!)  The other issue with Kindles and other e-readers is that I’ve actually met very few people who’ve held them in their hands before purchasing, so when you get one for a family member–or even yourself, you’re going in blind.

Imagine you’re waiting in a very long line on Black Friday morning, and the doors are open.  There’s a stampede!  There are at least a hundred people in the crowd and there are only five of the hottest toy.  You get in there, you hit the section with the toy.  And then what? They’re gone.  Do you pout and stomp your feet and say you’ll never come back again to the store?  No.  Why?  Because that’s how it goes.

That’s how it was this morning with the Kindle sale, I figure, except that with technology comes a greater sense of entitlement.  We expect our systems to be perfect, but guess what?  They aren’t.  Really.  Glitches happen, bugs happen, and in online sales (and contests!) the ones with the great connection speed and the fast fingers tend to win.  Turn those connections and fingers into the ones in the front of the line and feet and you have some idea of how these two things are comparable.

People are complaining that they got into the system, were told they had one, and then Amazon went kablooey.  This might be a legit complaint.  I’m not actually sure.  It could be a slight bogging down of the system–I’m not a tech person, really.  But others are complaining about the number of Kindles available.  Really?  “It’s not like you don’t have more; they’re still on the site at the regular price!”  REALLY?  How is this any different than “The first 500 customers get $5 off!”?

I guess I didn’t even have to leave my house today to be disgusted by mankind.

*You can argue all you want about the number of freebies offered on Amazon and PG and the like, but I’ve gotta say, classics in the public domain aren’t generally the big reads among most people I know, who either read light works for pleasure or non-fiction for information.  Then again, if Mom or Grandma really want to read some erotica, let me NOT SUGGEST IN ANY WAY “Her Very Special Robot.”  Blargh.

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