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I mean to say more, but I’m always so tired

December 17, 2010

Or trying to get in some time with my family.

My job is great, but it’s not all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows.  There’s time to play with the kids, and run awesome programs, but there’s also a lot to be done.  My library hasn’t had a person in my position for several months till I came along, and there’s a lot of clean-up that needs to be done.  Now that I’ve got a bit of a break from programming, I can tackle a large organizational project that will make life a bit easier for me.

Oh, and on top of that, the tween/teen librarian is out with health issues for another two months, so while it’s not like I have to do her job for her, I do have to help out with her programs and stuff, so I’m not actually finished with programs till New Year’s.  I’m just pretty close to it.

This gives me time to structure my programming, rather than winging it, which isn’t QUITE what I’ve been doing so far, but it’s pretty close.  And then, in about a month, I need to start thinking about my own programming–things I’m going to be coming up with an running myself.

I’d actually like to see us doing a lot more, but with the limited number of people we have on staff right now, I’m not sure I could get that by my boss.

Today I’m off because it’s my one Saturday a month tomorrow.  I’m very excited, because my first check is waiting for me!  I only have a vague idea of how much it will be because of, you know, taxes and other grown-up stuff.  And of course, as a grown-up, I have a lot of bills to pay, and presents to buy for various family members and whatnot.  BUT STILL.

Oh, and our local library was doing a buck-a-bag sale, and I may have spent a dollar and jammed a bag full.  OH ME.

More for next year’s Just Read It challenge, I suppose.

I’m almost at 300 for this year.  That wasn’t a lot of books for me, but oh well.  Twenty percent of them or so were JRIs, so that was good.  I’m probably going to finish up the year with a lot of graphic novels, not to bump up my number, but because I work at a library system that has stuff I haven’t read yet.  Hee.

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