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I <3 Reading!

December 26, 2010

I just finished the 8th Alice book, Alice in Lace.  I feel like it had a bit more meat to it than the last one, and I was pleased.

That puts me at four books to go to match the number I read last year.  That wasn’t a goal, but it’s nice to see and probably going to happen—especially since we’ve got a bit of a blizzard going on and work may be closed tomorrow.  Good thing I stocked up on library books.

My book goal for the year, actually, was to get 50 books off my to-read bookcase at home.  I met this goal and then some: I read 73 of my own unread books.  Since my original goal was 50, I’m doing a little happy dance on the inside right now.  (I’d do a little dance on the outside, but I think I’m getting a sinus infection or I messed up my allergy meds or something because my balance is all off-kilter again.)

I’ve gotta start thinking up new reading goals for 2011.  I’m thinking 50 more off of the shelf (including Great Expectations, because–hello, Oprah, it makes me a better librarian to read what the patrons are reading), and whatever’s on my Kindle.  Oh, and to clear out my currently-reading list on Goodreads which, ugh, includes that Midnight Sun draft.

I also want to lose thirty pounds, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.  Which would leave me buying new work clothes, so uh, I’m cheap enough to think, “Gee, maybe not.”

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