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Too much pressure…I put on myself, of course.

January 4, 2011

Today I have Story Time.  I have to say, I’m just not falling into the habit of it yet.  Part of it is because it’s every two weeks, but then I’ve got toddlers next week and I feel like I’m gearing my programs wrong and that the parents are more critical–even though no one’s said anything and everyone’s been really nice.

I’m just being insecure.  But everyone calls you “teacher” when you’re a children’s librarian, and I feel like I’m responsible for creating this whole big developmental program.  That’s not even true!  The librarian I shadowed is more about just entertaining the kids, and I know I should be more like that.  Why aren’t I?  Probably because I feel like my predecessor was Doing Everything Right, and How Can I Compare?


No one expects more from me than me.

In other news, my boss told me approximately how many applicants there were for my job.  I asked her why they picked me, being all fresh out of school.  She said my experience with kids–Girl Scouts and PTO and helping at the school library–really made a difference.  But she also has noticed that I’m more knowledgeable about YA reads than children’s books.  This isn’t a mark against me; she’s pretty pleased about it because our YA librarian is out with health issues right now.  I’m not exactly covering both workloads, but I am covering both sets of programs.  Hers get fewer attendees, but they’re more fun: bingo and games and stuff.  I’d like to start the Lego club my boss really wants, as well as get some other stuff going.

I don’t know.  It’s difficult. A lot of the kids in the area don’t get a lot of time at the library.  We’re not a “town center” so much as a drop-in-and-grab-stuff place and, apparently, the internet access for half the town.  It’s hard to pull people in, other than the little ones.  Everyone’s so busy.  And then the kids head right for the computers too, but I’m sure they’d drop in if we had more programs.  But it’s time-consuming, programs.  You’d think it wouldn’t be, but it really is.  Set-up, take-down–some, like, bingo and the games nights, are about having enough time.  The story times, though, they take some thought.  I go through a lot of books before I decide on the two or three I’ll use for the program.  I like repetition of songs and fingerplays, but I’m worried that the parents will see it as a lack of imagination rather than the comfort of knowing what’s going to happen.  I have a lot of felt stuff I haven’t even touched yet.  And the crafts–really, the crafts are the hardest part.  You wouldn’t think so, but they are.  The kids, developmentally, can’t do much yet, which means I can either get the parents to make great crafts, or I can get the kids go crazy with coloring and the like, which they adore.  I know other librarians just do coloring sheets for the little guys, and I’m starting to think it might be the best idea, but it’s certainly not as fun as ending up with cool crafts.  I may default to coloring sheets for the toddlers and basic crafts for the pre-schoolers.  That makes sense, yes?

Anyway, that’s a lot of typing for me when I should be getting ready for work.

And I’m so behind on my recaps, I know.

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