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January 22, 2011

It took two months, but being around all sorts of different people and especially kids who go to all sorts of different day cares and schools has finally battled my immune system to the ground.  I feel AWFUL.  I mean, I feel better today than yesterday, but that’s not saying much.

How-ev-er, in your first ninety days, they ask you not to call out.  (AND we turn in our time sheets like three days before the week is done, so, uh, how does that work?)  So I spent my day off yesterday feeling worse and worse, and eventually took a four- to five-hour nap, watched a couple episodes of Psych with my family, then went back to bed.

I think I can make it through today with minimal fuss, although I may spend a big chunk of it dealing with the craft cabinet and closet because I don’t want to infect anyone else with this ick.

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