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I used to be a blogger

May 12, 2011

Now I’m an action librarian.

The theme for the book club this month is “classic European literature.”  It really makes you think about canon and what should and shouldn’t be read in schools, what should and shouldn’t be discussed, debated.

I think everything should.  Isn’t that why snark blogs exist?  Sure, you can have something fun and flippant like, say, one of ihatewheat’s Caitlin posts (which are primarily done in mock-text and photos), and still be discussing things on a deeper level.  Sure, that level might be a pop culture level, but when we say “pop culture” we’re really talking about generational consciousness.  Discussions of Sweet Valley High aren’t just about Todd-punch, and magical vodka or whatever (I never read that far), but also about body image, self-esteem, sexual assault, rape, drug use and abuse, gender dynamics.

Just because we’re not always having that conversation doesn’t mean that conversation isn’t important, or that its place in a larger, wider, funnier conversation isn’t important.

You know?

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