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Staff Day

May 19, 2011

I had a great day meeting everyone on Staff Day for my county library.  Having everyone from the branches together in one place shows the diversity of the group.  Sure, most of the staff are women, and white, but the wide range of ages, viewpoints, and, yes, race and gender and culture too, to an extent, makes me feel like we’re representing our community.

Speaking of which, this Action Librarian may end up closer to the action sooner than she thought.  That’s right; we’re looking to move.  This isn’t just a commuting factor.  I lived in the Pine Barrens for years; I’m no stranger to commuting.  I used to be all about playing CDs on my way to school (or any signs of civilization), and then my iPod, but now it’s audiobooks.  I can’t say enough about Simon Vance, a voice actor who reads many, many audiobooks.  He’s just fantastic.  He’s the reason I got into audiobooks.  I’ve listened to books where he wasn’t doing the reading, and I’ve had a good time, but after 50+ hours of listening to him, I’ve grown accustomed to the sound of his voice, and it’s been great.  Also, it’s gotten me into Ruth Downie, which is cool too.  I love books set in the time of Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire.  I should really ask my Classics prof if he’s read these books, but he probably has.  He’s good like that.

Still, a lesser commute would be better than what I’m doing now, which is approximately forty-five minutes one way.  Also, the town where we live now has a pretty bad high school, and my daughter deserves better.  We’ve been looking at other schools in South Jersey–I’m looking at academic ratings, and she’s looking at clubs and activities.  I’d say that’s shallow of her, but she’s spent such a large part of her life being only one or one of two who have her interests (manga, anime, Doctor Who, general geekery), and it’s been difficult for her, I think, or it would be easier if she had friends she could play D&D with, that sort of thing.  So.  High schools.

We put out house up for sale yesterday, which–okay, I shouldn’t say “we.”  My husband did.  I came home to the sign on the front lawn and was a bit taken aback.  Not that it should’ve been a total shock–I knew he’d contacted a Realtor, and that she and an appraiser were coming out to look around and take pictures, but…I don’t know.  I guess I thought there would be looking around, and some sort of discussion, and timeline made.  But my husband pointed out that getting us out of here sooner rather than later is our best bet for transitioning smoothly to an area as early into the school year as possible, and really, it’s my ignorance of the home-buying process that led to this.

Anywhoodle, that was only a part of my yesterday.  The other part was Staff Day, as I said before.  We “primped” library carts (*cough*), played Rock Band during lunch break, listened to a speaker talk about stress management, and ate a lot of free food.  (Breakfast, lunch, snacks.)  It was REALLY fun.  I was hoping there’d be more, I dunno, I guess you’d call it communication between branches, but I really mean something bigger.  I mean that we would have the opportunity to share experiences and strategies.  That didn’t really happen.  There were a lot of speeches and recognition for new employees and employees who were hitting X amount of years of service.

Still, it was great.  We haven’t had the ability to have a staff meeting in months because so many of our staff has been out or working opposite shifts because of the people who were out, so we got some us-time during meals and during our branch meeting, and that was necessary.  We said goodbye to one of our own, who will be moving from part-time with us to full-time with another branch.  We know she doesn’t want to go–and we don’t want her to go!–but she needs the money and the benefits.  She already asked if there’s a time limit on when you can move laterally.

I met and re-met people, set up a time to see how Technical Services works (Technical Services, despite how it sounds, is not IT; they order and label the books and stuff), and generally had a great time.  I was super-hyped all day, and I’m too old now to hide that stuff.  I didn’t even freeze up around the director.

In fact, I sang Bikini Kill in front of her and my boss. ❤

I’m feeling great about my job.  I’ll probably start complaining again tonight, when the tweens and early teens drive me crazy fighting over which Wii game to play.  But until then, I’m going to float on the high of loving what I do, and liking who I work with, and having learned, over these past six months, to compromise, let go, apologize, meet half-way, drop it, explain myself, and make a fool out of myself for the delight of children.

Hee.  Action Librarian!

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