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Yesterday was cool

June 4, 2011

I met the people in Technical Services.  That’s the part of the library that does the ordering and processing of books.  I mean, I do some orders myself, but they do things like make sure all the branches get copies of the best-sellers and access to lists of well-reviewed items, and then on top of that they make sure everything’s labeled and put into the system correctly.

And it was totally enlightening.  I found out why some of my books have been sent and resent to Tech Services lately, and that they’re just as frustrated with the inconsistent cataloging sometimes as I am.  But if you look around the room and see all that needs to be done, it’s easier to understand why it doesn’t get done.  You always have to be moving forward with that much on your plate.

Then there was the book sale.  I helped out for about three hours altogether, which was fun, and then I BARELY BROUGHT ANY BOOKS HOME.  I even used most of my “Thanks for volunteering–have $10 worth of items!” certificate for my daughter.

But I did buy a lot of Christopher Pike books.  Heh.

Okay gotta get ready for work.  I sure hate working Friday and Saturday (usually, if you work Saturday, you get Friday off, but I had a meeting yesterday I didn’t want to miss), but I have so much to do anyway, I may as well just go in, work my butt off, and come home and collapse.

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