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September 27, 2011

So my daughter’s at another branch of my library system at a program and I’m all “Heyyy, I can have a net-date with my husband” (since we live in different places now while he works on our house, which is up for sale) and “Heyyyy, I can work on my recap.”  Except I forgot the book.  And …I forget what else, because I’m exhausted.  Oh, I forgot the little loaf of banana bread I was going to bring to my not-quite-coworkers.  It’s still in the fridge.  It’s quite yummy, though.  I’m proud of myself.  It was my first banana bread and it’s dense and not TOO sweet.  Just the way I like it.

I’ve been thinking about this blog and what I have and haven’t done with it.  I’ve read something like 700-plus books this year and I’ve reviewed like ten of them on here, tops.  That’s pathetic.  I’m also doing pretty poorly on my goals for the year, but this is the first year I’ve made reading goals where I’ve had a full-time job–and, more importantly, one at a library where I can get everything I want when I want it, or within two weeks.  (Except for the first Hart & Soul book.  Boo!)

Apparently, we now have internet access at the apartment, so with my husband across the state I have no excuses.  Time to get back on this blogging thing.  Once again, I’ll be doing NaBlo and NaNo during November, because I obviously HATE MYSELF, and I still have a few months to knock out 2 of my 3 (or was it 4?) reading goals.


WiB will be back.  Recaps will be on a regular basis.  I have TWO days off this week (working Saturday, but off Wednesday to compensate, and then off Friday for my birthday, even though my birthday’s not till October, and then I’m off Sunday as well of course), so I have no excuses, especially since tomorrow the only people I will be in contact with will be my roommate, who can ignore me with the best of them; my daughter, who will be at school all day; and hopefully an exterminator, even though what we REALLY need isn’t an exterminator but someone to find out where the bugs come IN and then SEAL IT, for monkeys’ sake.

But tonight, we finish this, stop by the store because my daughter’s craving pasta like no one’s business, and I told her I’d make it for her tomorrow, and then…and then…SLEEP!

So yeah, more tomorrow.

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