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The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion, Part 8: Damon is still an ass

September 28, 2011

Bonnie and Meredith are on a late-night Vickie stakeout, and that’s kind of it for the first page of the chapter, except to say that I’m glad that Meredith’s sarcasm isn’t always tagged with “she said sarcastically” or “she said, rolling her eyes.”  The girls briefly mention what’s going on with the guys.  It could be good for Matt, to hang out with the guy who “stole” his gf and ended up responsible for her death, if indirectly.

Meredith conks out and Bonnie’s super-jealous–only one of them can sleep at a time.  Bonnie decides to leave her car–oh, Bonnie–in hopes that the fresh air will wake her up, but her sleep-deprived brain makes her lock Meredith in, you know, with the keys.  Bonnie then decides to check on Vickie.

Everything goes still, and Bonnie’s Power alerts her to to some…thing close.  There’s some heightened tension, and then we come to find that it’s just Damon, The Sexy Vampire with the Emotional Depth of a Toddler.  Bonnie’s still freaking out, and she wonders to herself how her friend managed it.  Except, you know, she didn’t.  Damon had tricked her, being sexy and threatening her family with death, and ended up making her into a vampire with all that blood exchange and loss or whatever.  I forget.  Damon starts touching her upper lip and working his Vamp Mojo.  Again, as with ~*Elena*~, it’s subtle, but definitely there.

Matt isn’t pleased.  He breaks the scene up and orders Bonnie around, which bristles her inner ’90s feminist.  But she’s pleased because at least Matt seems vibrant again, albeit with anger.  Anger that she believes is brotherly.  She thanks him and moves out of the scene.

Damon points out that he does actually NEED blood, but Matt isn’t buying his methods.  It’s true.  If dude needs blood, he could just ask, and probably get it, from any of them.  But while he may need the blood, he also needs the hunt.  They’re all rabbits and kittens and “jungle cats” in this metaphor.  Boy, Smith sure does like cats.  I bet she has a bunch and names them things like Isis and Bast and Morrigan.

Is this supposed to make us feel like we can distance ourselves from Stefan and Damon, because they’re “hunters”?  SO ARE WE.

Matt suggests Damon go for larger prey, and suddenly it gets very homoerotic in here.  Just kidding.  They start talking about Tanner, the teacher that Damon murdered, and Damon tells us for the first time that it was self-defense, sort of.  Tanner apparently struck first, so Damon struck last.

Is this to justify Damon’s actions?

Matt feels struck by Damon’s eyes.  More subtle mojo?  The nature of the beast?  Damon can see what Matt is thinking, or read his mind, and he points out that forcible biting isn’t fun.  Matt remembers ~*Elena*~ drinking from him and believes Damon.  Still, he doesn’t back down.  Predictably, Damon calls him stupid–“stupider than my brother”–and gets all up like he’s going to attack him, but instead just shoves him and semi-threatens him.


Apparently, this makes Matt the winner, with Damon’s “grim respect” or whatever.

Explain it to me, because I can’t explain it to myself.  Either Damon’s a killer or he isn’t–and HE IS–; either he’s working on redemption and asshole-ing his way through it or…IDK.  I’m not offered a lot of choices here.  Either way, Matt’s happyish to be alive, which is a step in the right direction.

I GUESS.  Matt’s manly posturing and death wish is still getting on my nerves.


He rejoins the girls and Bonnie once again tells him he looks better.  Meredith is un-Meredith-like in her suggestion of what the two of them were doing—“What’d you guys do? Lower your heads and run at each other from opposite sides of the yard?”  This from the girl who once said you could do with two men what you could do with one, but for longer?  You disappoint me, Meredith/Smith.


You know, cuz he didn’t bite him?  I guess?  And yet he says that Damon is “spoiling for a fight.”  Look, I get that we’re supposed to believe in some sort of Damon-redemption, but HE’S STILL BEING AN ASSHOLE IN EVERY SCENE.  He’s still the one who manipulated the supposed grand manipulator of Robert E. Lee High School or wherever ~*Elena*~ went.  BY THREATENING HER FOUR-YEAR-OLD SISTER.

He talks a big game, I suppose, but to believe he NEVER stepped up and all it was was talk?  That seems…not right either.

Stefan shows up with a library book and says he’s figured most everything out, but he needs their help for a dangerous plan.  I hope it’s not dangerous like ~*Elena*~’s dance plan was ingenious.  Because then it’d be like “Snuggle some kittens, eat some parfait, and go home.”

The girls are happy because Matt’s all into the idea of a dangerous plan—le sigh, you’re missing the point, girls–and we get a fade out on Stefan explaining to everyone what his plan is.  Then we get a wrap-up diary entry from Bonnie.

“Stefan has a plan to trap the guy who murdered Sue.  It reminds me of some of Elena’s plans–and that’s what worries me.”  THANK YOU, BONNIE.  “They always sounded wonderful”–NEVER FUCKING MIND–“but lots of the time they went wrong.”


We’re told that Meredith gets “the most dangerous job”–is it humans?  oh wait, that’s The Most Dangerous Game (kid’s reading it for English; heheheheheh, the good old days).  Bonnie sulks that Matt didn’t want Bonnie to do it.  Apparently, this will all go down after graduation.  We get more on how everyone now trusts Damon–EVEN BONNIE, WHO HE TRIED TO MOJO LIKE THE NIGHT BEFORE–and how he’ll be on Vickie duty.  Bonnie wraps it up with a worrying note–“I just hope I can remember my part”–and thus ends the chapter.

This marks the half-way point of the book.  Eight more chapters to go.

This plan had better not suck, or I don’t know how I’m going to make it another eight chapters.

Next up: graduation day.  I’m betting it won’t be half as awesome as Buffy’s.

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  1. Matthew C. Kriner permalink
    October 1, 2011 3:41 am

    This is a great page! How long have you been blogging?

    • October 1, 2011 7:19 am

      Feels like forever…or maybe that’s just how long it feels I’ve been doing these recaps.

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