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Writing teen lit

November 13, 2011

So I’ve been trying to write my first non-paranormal, straight-up realistic(ish) teen story in quite a while.  Last year’s NaNo was superheroes, and the year before that was…uh…I can’t even remember, but there was the vampire mystery and made-up countries and whatnot in the past.

One of the things I was worried about was that one of my characters doesn’t really start showing interested in dating until he’s a sophomore.  I wondered if that was unrealistic.  The other is that, when you look at my cast, it’s racially diverse, but almost TOO much so, like someone made a line-up where everyone had to be different from each other.

The comfort to this is that my daughter has found a new circle of friends where I work.  Two of the guys are sixteen and still EWWWWW over anything romantic/relationshippy that they see on TV.  So that took care of that worry, especially when I mentioned it to my husband and he said some of his old students are still like that too.

Then I looked at the racial and ethnic make-up of her friends.  It’s kind of funny, because if I just list it, it sounds hilariously made up:

-one white kid (my daughter)

-one Asian kid (Chinese)

-one black kid

-one half-black, half-white kid

-two half-black, half-Latino kids (twins)

TELL me that doesn’t sound like someone trying to make a movie or TV series appeal to every demographic.

Otherwise, I’m way behind on NaNo but fairly pleased with what I do have.  I just haven’t had time, with my husband coming back from his friends’ wedding in Jamaica and me being sick (pneumonia still not confirmed) and working and now driving my kid back to where I work every day to hang out with her friends.  Even with my days off, I was so busy.  I’m going to write for a bit now and then try to get some sleep, even though I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in like two weeks.  (We’re hoping the blood work I got the other day says why.)

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