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November 14, 2011

Subtitled: Content?  What Content?

I keep meaning to do WiBs, but they take a LOT of time, sometimes more than recaps, and time is something I’ve been lacking lately.  Health is the another something.  It’s 1:45, I’ve got fifteen minutes left at lunch, and I should be working on NaNo but I just crashed bad.  Every time I feel exhausted I say “It’s mono!”  Every time I feel winded because I, IDK, walked or something, I say “It’s walking pneumonia!”  I wish the doctor’s office would call me back.

But yeah, I bring my laptop to work now so I can get some NaNo done, which is best when no one’s in the room with me.  Otherwise, I can still knock out a few hundred words, but it feels kind of awkward.  I just finished my second chapter, bringing my word count up to 13,676.  According to my calendar, I should be rounding 20K right now.  It’s a little disheartening.

However, the sense of finishing the second chapter, rather than just hitting 13,676 words, is satisfying.  I’m writing a little differently this year.  Instead of using my beloved Write or Die, which will LITERALLY DELETE YOUR WORDS IF YOU DON’T KEEP TYPING*, I’m using Scrivener.  (*You can set it so it just turns red, or loud sounds go off, or something.  But I gotta say, the possibility of deleted words will keep you on your toes.)  I am probably only skimming the surface of what Scrivener can do, but so far it’s really helping.  I have the first six chapters plotted out scene by scene, but if I need to add a scene that’s no problem at all.  I LOVE the corkboard.  It’s just so pretty.  I am giving some serious thought to buying this program when my trial is over.  (And the trial goes by how many days you’ve used it, which is AWESOME.  But I think I’ve said that before.)  Instead of being very stream-of-consciousness with my writing, I’m about a zillion times more structured, and I’m really enjoying it.  No outline has ever been as exact for me as this one, because I loathe erasing or crossing out, and keeping track of index cards, so while I used them to set everything up I definitely love having them digitally as well.  The computer’s handwriting is better, too.

I begin Chapter 3 tonight and I’m super pleased with myself, even if I am behind.  Because I know all I have to do is fill in the scenes with people doing things, and ta-da!  I progress.

Definitely giving a lot of thought to asking for Scrivener for Christmas.

PS I remembered what I wrote the year before last.  It was superheroes too.

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