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November 15, 2011

I’ve been listening to the audio of Tina Fey’s Bossypants because I read this thing that had it as a top pick of audiobooks read by the author.  It’s hilarious.  I let my daughter listen to it with me despite some adult content and language, and THAT WAS FINE because Fey’s message to women is one I really want her to hear.  I’m almost done, but the kid isn’t always in my car, so I also went and got her a copy of the book from the library so she could read the parts she was missing.  SHE’s done.

Other than Bossypants, I’ve been book-free for a couple of days–not from choice, exactly, but…kind of BECAUSE.  Because at lunch I’m writing or trying to write or whatever.  Because after work, I exercise while watching Veronica Mars with my kid, and then I come here into my room and try to figure out which Na*Mos I haven’t done yet/enough of.  Then eventually I go to bed.  The closest thing I’ve done to actual fiction reading in the past few days was to hit up the next chapter of Dark Reunion for my next recap.

Too many Na*Mos spoil the writer, and I think I took on too much, fail or no fail.  I could let go of the content-y posts every day here (HA) but I don’t want to because I’ve done more recaps this month than I have in so very long.  I should let go of the idea I need to post to my personal blog every day, although only posting once a week definitely was causing me to miss things I didn’t want to.  Writing fiction every day is very difficult with a full-time job, a fourteen-year-old who’s expanding her social schedule, and a husband who’s only around twice a week or so, which means when he’s here he gets my full attention.

Still, I keep going, even though I’m behind on NaNo and have already failed on both NaBlo blogs.

Am I an idiot or what?

Also, is this my WiB?  I think it might be!

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