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November 19, 2011

I now have a new page: the recaps in chronological order.  Chronological by book, I suppose, since there’s a 0 that comes before a 1, post-wise.

ALSO I HAVE A CAT ON MY HAND LITERALLY SHE IS ON MY ARM AND WON’T MOVE HER HEAD.  I think she thinks I am trying to rub under her chin BY WAY OF TYPING, come on cat, you are heavy.

Anyway, I only got through the second book, and not just because of the cat.  Because it’s time consuming, and because the mouse pad thing is kinda sticking, which makes highlighting the words to link them to the posts difficult, and because my arm is sore from the injection they gave me for an MRI today, so it gets ouchy when it tenses–which is does when I’m trying to highlight the words etc.

THANK YOU, CAT.  Jeez, she’s like a two-ton weight.  And I couldn’t see the screen.

Anyway, so I’ll finish that up tomorrow.  It’s not imaginative new content, but I’m glad I have it.

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