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Two (personal) rules for NaNo

November 20, 2011

1) Don’t try to write in a Starbucks.  It is too loud, and the playing of Christmas music before Thanksgiving will create a rage inside you so intense you cannot type.

2) Don’t try to do a write-in with your MIL, even in the comfort of your own home, which should be more conducive to writing than a Starbucks.  However, it is not, because your MIL will have written 500 words on one day at the beginning of the month and done nothing else since, and you will sit there and listen to her as she flips through her assignments from a creative writing course she took who knows how many years ago, and in the end you will have written 0 words, which is even less than the 80 you managed in Starbucks.

I’m going back to Write or Die to try to motivate myself.  This probably would’ve worked better had I started writing before bedtime…

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