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Super-pleased with myself

November 24, 2011

I wrote a ton this morning for NaNo.  Around 5K in two hours.  On ONE scene, what the heck?  I can’t help it.  I’m so sick of books where characters don’t talk to each other, but suddenly they’re in looooove, and you’re like, “Those jerks don’t even know each other.”  My characters are on a little road trip together and they’re talking about everything.  Will some of it get cut in a final draft?  Will there even BE a final draft?  Maybe so.  But for now, five thousand with no signs of me stopping, except because I’m exhausted from all this Tofurky and sides and pie.

I love my father-in-law.

I kind of want to go to bed, and of course I want to write too.  I just broke 30K, which puts me slightly over last Friday’s “par.”  So I’m still way behind.  I definitely don’t have the time or energy for book reviews, and my husband says he’ll too full to get angry enough to write his guest post, although I did have to listen to a lot of complaints about the book–which I finished!–last night.

Oh God, Harlequin.  I’m sure there are good books in there somewhere, but I sure haven’t found another Dani.

Ugh, every minute I’m not writing is another minute I’m closer to bedtime.  Unlike many lucky Americans, I have to work tomorrow, which isn’t usually a problem, except I have to drive faaaar, wah.  I’m at my house, not the apartment.

Whatever.  Writing time.  Poor blog sure gets the shaft in November even when I’m writing more than usual.

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