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An unhappy new year

December 31, 2011

No partying for my family tonight.  Our cat is missing.  We think she slipped outside and got locked out when my husband came over to the apartment to take my daughter to the doctor’s, sleep over, and help me out with my New Year’s program yesterday.  Clarification for those who just started reading: we’re selling our house, and my husband has to be in it until March to meet the terms of the first-time homeowner tax credit.  He’s been packing things up slowly, painting, fixing, etc.  Also, having the cat here means we don’t have to pay the exorbitant cat fees at the apartment.  Plus, this is her home.  And she’s very old.  She doesn’t like change.

We have NO IDEA where she could be.  We were just out driving around, calling for her.  My MIL said that if you go to a far point out and call as you drive/walk home, if she’s lost she could follow your voice home.  So we’re hoping she heard us and headed in our direction and will soon find something she’s familiar with.  She’s a bit of an outdoor cat, but I’ve never seen her beyond the neighbor’s yard–and even that’s only when she’s chasing a cat off of ours.  We can’t imagine her going far because of that.  He was only gone a little over 24 hours, and it was pretty mild although it did get cold overnight.  When no one comes to door right away, she tends to yowl, but no neighbors have heard her.  So we just can’t figure it out.  It doesn’t add up.

We looked everywhere in the house, in case she WAS here but died while we were gone (she’s not ill in any way, but you never know at that age), and can’t find her.  My husband even looked in cabinets she can’t open, in spaces she can’t reach.  Nothing.

I did finish my book goal with a rape-tastic book by Anne Stuart, so that was a downer too.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for the year, since we’re not going out and none of us is in the mood to do much of anything but sit around and be listless, keeping an ear out for her usual scratching at the door.  Obviously, having 5 goals was too many, because I didn’t meet all of them, although I did meet three: 10 books published in 2010 or 2011; reading 300 books; and reading 50 off the to-read shelf.  The two I didn’t meet were clearing my Goodreads “currently-reading” shelf and reading stuff on my Kindle.  This year I’m going to try to lighten up with the library books, especially since I only ever get to finish about half of them, and focus on the to-read shelf, the Kindle, and reading some of my husband’s books.  (The 300 books a year has taken care of itself for years now.)  I’ll have him put together a list of 10-20 since all his stuff is still here at the house and he can see what he has easily.  I’m also going to read every book club book–something I didn’t always find time for this year.  Oh, right, and I want the two of us to read all the “modern” Batman comics in order until we get to the present day and the reboot crap.  Just because.  And I’d like to try to get current with Spider-Man, too, but it won’t kill me if that doesn’t happen.  Really do want to get current with Batman.

Speaking of, I should probably work on our list for the year.  The book club is located at  Feel free to join.

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