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Teen and adult WIB: 2012 Week 1

January 7, 2012

We’ll see if I can keep up with a WIB a week.  And I’ll keep adding a few to the bottom from last year, to try to see if I can get down to zero reviews left to do…one day.

So far this year I’ve read:

Gotham City Sirens Volume 1 by my beloved Paul Dini.  My husband and I were discussing yesterday what it is that we like so much about Dini, and part of it is that he doesn’t seemed wrapped up in creating canon so much as following it, while still letting the characters act in ways that progress them.  The other thing I like is that he’s not a jerk about female characters.  He GETS them, for the most part, and I like that about him.  We get to see a little of Harley’s back story in this, and that’s pretty awesome, because as far as the comics have been concerned (that I know of), Harley appeared fully-grown from the mind of Dini, never to be fleshed out more than “crazy psychologist.”  Dini also wrote the script for Arkham City, which is a great game.  (Filled with misogynists, but, DUH.  Although Catwoman is a bit oversexualized for me.  Part of the femme fatale allure is that she’s sexy, yes, but there has to be that element of holding back, the mystery element.  Catwoman in the game is TOO blatant.)

Dini also wrote Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic, and I enjoyed that a lot too, although my question with Zatanna is: What the hell do you do with a character THAT powerful?  (My husband’s response was “They manage to get some good stories out of Superman.”)  I’m not familiar enough with the comics version of the character to figure out her restrictions–in the show, they seemed obvious.  In the comic, she seems to do whatever whenever, so long as she isn’t gagged.  And that’s…not enough for me.  She talks about restrictions of magic, but Zachary Zatara, her cousin, points out that she does what she wants when she wants.  We’ll see.  I’m going to put in requests for the series, or buy them.  IDK.  I’m not really a spender.  This was a Christmas present from my husband.  (Anyone who takes issue with Zatanna’s chest, two things: 1) She’s physically based off of Paul Dini’s wife and 2) I’m pretty sure she’s not as busty when she’s not in her costume, which makes sense because the corset is MEANT to do that.  I had no problem with it.  At least her boobs LOOK like boobs.  They respond to gravity.)

Speaking of comics, I also read Batgirl Rising by Bryan Q. Miller.  I’ve always loved Stephanie, but I’m not really sure what’s going on here.  Wasn’t she supposed to be dead?  I mean–I don’t care that she’s back, I’m sure Leslie faked her death, blah blah blah, but shouldn’t it be affecting her MORE?  For a book with a LOT of inner dialogue, I just don’t get the weight I should be getting off the story, unless I’m missing something.  Still, it’s good to see her again.

I also read How to be a Superhero, which was funny at times but really shouldn’t be read in two or three sittings, as I did.  It gets too repetitive and it’s definitely juvenile and I was kind of grossed out at times where the book seems to suggest it’s fine to diddle underage girls, but never underage boys.  Well, I’m glad you draw that line, guys.  Other than that, a pretty funny look at the drawbacks of superheroism.

I also finally got a hold of Grand Theft America, an Ultimates book, which is mostly action and fortunately, far from the “shocking” stuff that no longer holds any impact.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it, and I wasn’t surprised by that at all.

I also read Grant Naylor’s Better Than Life, the second Red Dwarf book.  I love getting deeper into, and a little off from, the main storyline of the show.  Excited to read the third, which I’ve never read before.

Finally, I read The Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon for my book club.  I don’t want to say too much about it because, you know, book club, but I liked it enough to stay up faaaar too late finishing it last night.

Okay, I don’t have time right now to get into my backlist, so that will have to wait.  Argh!  But oh well, I’ll get there.  Soonish.

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