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On with the Wibz: Board Book Bonanza, Part 2!

January 12, 2012

DK’s Baby: Faces! by Dawn Sirett is cute, but I have to say I’m loving on the totally unnecessary patterned tabs.  They go straight to the baby pictures, so I guess if your child really wants to see Smiley Baby, all he or she needs to do is hit up red and white striped tab.  Baaabies.

Baby: Peekaboo!, also by Sirett, is flat-out funny.  Sure, it doesn’t have baaaabies, but it has Captain Ducky.  I would buy this if I had a baby.  Or maybe I’d buy it anyway, just to cheer me up.  “Let’s get busy!”

Oh, it turns out they’re all DK.  My First Body Board Book, which has no “by” in our catalog, is great AND filled with baaaabies.  It covers a lot of ground in a few pages, even counting to five, using bodies and body parts.  Clever DK.

My First Colors: Let’s Learn Them All! by Sarah Davis is a big one, with tabs all over the place leading you to that color.  It’s also partially an I-spy, where the tab gives you something to match up and there’s a full page of I-spy at the end.  There’s also find-’ems–clothes, fruits, etc.–and to-dos (“Now scuttle like a crab!”).   The pages are busy, but gorgeous, and I like the inclusion of silver and gold.  I’m not crazy about how DK seems to always match up black and white, but it makes sense in context.  Hey, Dawn Sirett is listed as an author on this one too.

And now, for the back catalog, or some of it anyway:

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stole Walsh is super-cute.  Not crazy about it as a board book–I prefer the oversized version that I keep by my desk.  We also have a larger board book version of Silly Sally by Audrey Wood that I read to the kids after reading the oversized copy in another program.  The kids loved both books; I highly recommend them.  Audrey Wood’s Piggies is another book the kids liked, but I found it creepy.  (I know, that’s my word of the week.  Sorry.  It fits, I swear.)  Pigs for fingers is just eerie, come on.  Fortunately, the kids are too little to think so.

Beautiful Oops by Barney Salzberg was probably my second favorite board book of the year (after Press Here), but it’s not really meant for the board book crowd, at least, not the chubby fingers we usually see with the books, struggling the turn the pages on their own.  Beautiful Oops shows how mistakes can be turned into art–a jagged tear becomes crocodile teeth, for example.  SO cool.

Music Star by Paula Hannigan and Dinosaurs (which just comes up as “Accord Publishing”) are “Animotion” board books, which means blurry “holographic” images. I apologize for all the quotation marks in sentence previous.  Is holographic the right word anymore?  Like baseball cards.  Only blurry and dark and hard to see.  So you can see why I’m not crazy about these books.  (According to family legend, my grandfather was one of the people to come up with that early holographic technology.  Pretty cool, huh?  Can’t find any corroboration on Wikipedia.  I know he worked for Bell Labs, but that’s all I know.)

I’ve really got to create a “board books” tab on Goodreads…

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