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Wibble time!

January 20, 2012

Er, no, Wiggle Time!  Baby program today.  I read Helen Oxenbury’s bigger board books Tickle, Tickle and All Fall Down.  They’re short, and All Fall Down can be acted out.  Good times.  One baby attached himself to me, literally was in my arms for most of the second half of the program.  Hee.  Babies.

Maudie and Bear by Jan Ormerod and Freya Blackwood brings up a lot of questions as an adult reader: why is this bear raising this little girl?  Why isn’t he horrified by the fox scarf?  Why does he always give in to her demands?  If this is supposed to be the parent-child relationship, this kid is SPOILED.  But I guess a bear would spoil a child…

I don’t know.  It’s so cute, and I want to love it, but I do not.

Cuter?  Loved?  Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Peter. H. Reynolds.  This simple, rhyming book about a planted kiss is definitely going right into my storytime pile.  Adorable!

I knew I wasn’t going to like 10 Valentine Friends from the moment I saw it, because I recognized it as one in a series.  Janet Schulman and Linda Davick also wrote 10 Easter Egg Hunters, which is in my backlog and I’ll tell you what I don’t like about both of them: the syntax.  It’s awful,  Schulman uses awkward phrasing to make rhymes, and I hate it.

A dinosaur card, thinks little Pete,
My pal Max would find real neat.

See what I mean?

Barbie lives in a world without men or religion in Barbie: An Egg-cellent Easter!  by Rebecca Frazer.  Apparently, girls don’t need anything but bling, and lots of it, the latest gadgets, and abused puns.  You know who will like this, and you probably know if you read this blog on even the rarest of occasions that I don’t.

Back to my near and dear friend, Dawn Sirett (you review enough of someone’s books, you bond, I swear, even if you have no idea who they are at all, which I don’t; I was kidding.  Get it?) and her board book Baby: Beep! Beep!  How sad is it that Sirett does in one tiny board book that Barbie books never do: empower girls?  The pages swap gender no matter what the next thing is, so you end up with female planes and tractors.  Awesome!  And, of course, you have the usual bright colors, simple, fun patterns, and the tabs again!

They need to make big versions of these books for story time.

The person over at our ordering department who thought to send me a copy of Ding Dong! It’s Dora! by Eric Furman is going to a special hell.  IT MAKES NOISE.  IT IS GOING UP HIGH.  If not for the first page, it would actually be a decent story, though.  The first page is a bit much, sound-wise.  I’m just saying.

Okay, that’s it for me, book fans.  Time to make dinner.  Vegan chicken (or “ficken” as we say) marsala.  My first attempt.  Cross your fingers for me!

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