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The Wibbles – More children’s book reviews

January 25, 2012

ERs too.

Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth by Jane O’Connor is much better than the last Fancy Nancy I read, but it still didn’t charm me.  In fact, Nancy’s machinations (that’s a fancy word for plotting) are falling into the obnoxious category.  Why is she coming off so spoiled and bratty in this?  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m in a mood.  You can usually tell because I’m down on everything I read in a day…

Oh, unfair!  Curious George?  I’ve never liked Curious George!  This level one book, Curious George Colors Eggs by Kate O’Sullivan, is a decent introduction to primary and secondary colors, but is nothing special.  Who are Betsy and Steve?  Can’t they just say “his friends Betsy and Steve”?  Another TV show adaptation forgetting that not everyone has seen the show.

Uh-oh, another adaptation.  The SpongeBob Squarepants book Dancing with the Star, written by Alex Harvey, is cute enough, except that the on-and-off use of contractions is off-putting in the mouths of the characters.

I guess no one wants to write original stories anymore.  The next one is from Iron Man: Armored Adventures and is called The Might of Doom based on the episode of the same name and adapted by Dennis R. Shealy.  Is this based on Ultimate Iron Man?  (I couldn’t get through it because I hate the idea of supporting Card anymore, the homophobic jerk.)  They’re TEENAGERS?  Why is a teenager all War Machine-ing it up?  THIS IS CONFUSING, PEOPLE.  I mean, I’m familiar with an aspect of the source material and I’m still confused.


Also love all the gaps of things that must’ve made sense in the episode, like Doom’s diplomatic immunity or whatever, since Nick Fury lets him go.  “Oh, it’s cool you tried to bomb some stuff.  See you next week?”


Lalaloopsy appears to be Strawberry Shortcake IN HELL.  Forget that.  I’ll admit to reading Jenne Simon’s The Ballet Recital, but only because I didn’t fall into a sugar coma just reading the stupid names.

Okay, this is just unfair.  Zonderkidz?  Noooo.  I have NEVER liked Zonderkidz.  I feel they are badly-written stories with scripture jammed in.  The Princess Twins, in Mona Hodgson’s books The Princess Twins Play in the Garden and The Princess Twins and the Puppy, are no different.  First off, WHERE are they princesses?  Where is this set?  Also, Puppy is disjointed and weird, and Garden has a good point and good scripture to go with it, but apparently it’s the adult’s job to connect them because the story doesn’t do it for them.  That could be a good thing, or it could be bad writing.  Hard to tell.

Finally, a book I like!  Tick Tock Clock by Margery Cuyler is cute!  The kids are mischevious without being little jerks!  The words are easy to read but not boring, or rhyme poorly, or scan funny.


That’s it; I’m ending on this book.  It’s not going to get any better than that, I’m sure.

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