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Teen and adult WIB: Weeks 2-3

January 27, 2012

Okay, so I dropped the ball on this already.  But I’ve been keeping up with my kids’ books!

Let’s discuss the brilliantly entertaining Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  Have I mentioned this one yet?  My favorite of 2011?  Because it was SO MUCH FUN.  Maybe you have to be a child of the ’80s to absolutely love it, but I gave it to my kid to read after I was done, and she really enjoyed it.  (It probably helped that her stepdad made us watch War Games last year at some point.)  It’s an epic–yes, I’ll say epic, because I rarely say epic–nostalgia-fest of puzzles and a bleak but realistic-feeling look at the future.  Loved it.  LOVED it.

Then I read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, a name unusual enough that you’d think I’d remember it, but I never do.  The author, I mean, not the title.  Everyone made fun of me because I was like “HOLY CRAP THIS IS SCARY!”–I don’t think I’ve been that afraid of a book since House of Leaves–and they were all “Didn’t you look at the cover?”  Well, not really.  I kind of glanced at it.  I didn’t realize that IT WAS CREEPY, and the book KEEPS BRING CREEPY FOR A LONG TIME.  After a while, this whole get-into-the-plot thing, I stopped being freaked out, but until then?  jfdsjkldfskjlfdsjkldfsjklfds;jklfds

I liked it a lot.  I think it would’ve been better as a standalone, but what can you do?  I feel that way about most things.

I’ve been feeling pretty good about these new suggested books because my next book was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which was a little bit Gaiman, a little Jonathan Strange, and a lot engrossing.  Around three-quarters of the way through the book, I think the pacing missteps, but that’s the only complaint I had about it.  It was beautiful, really, and it made me want to only wear black, white, gray, and red for like a week.  (I only did it the day after I finished the book, though.)  I’ve seen this cataloged as YA and I cannot figure out why.  Anyway, highly recommended, especially if you have the time and isolation to create an atmosphere.

Then I read like a zillion Asterix books (see Goodreads) that my husband suggested.  They were quite fun, although I have to say I enjoyed them more before the original writer died.  I feel like it’s a series that you can go your whole life getting new things out of, and sometimes I just wanted to Google the Latin, you know?  Just to get the joke.  I wonder if I could talk my kid into reading them.  I mean, there’s no romance, not really.  So she might or she might not.

I finished the Jack of Fables series with The Fulminate Blade and The End.  Bill Willingham really dropped the ball on that last one; I was really disappointed.  Ah well.

I read or possibly re-read Nick Hornby’s About a Boy the other day, which I really enjoyed, but I knew I would because even if I haven’t read it before (can’t remember), I like Hornby and I liked the movie.  This story of a manchild bonding with an actual child is really, really well-done.

Okay, quick backlog time!

I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  This story of a man who has no control over his jumping through time and the wife that has to live in realtime without him was just amazing.

I also got into Irredeemable and Incorruptible by Mark Waid.  Already knew I loved Waid but, my God, these series.  I’m so excited for the library to get more.  A hero gone bad?  A bad guy gone good?  LOVE.  Highly recommended for anyone who wants a good story and can deal with lots of violence.  The premise is basically “What if Superman went bad?  Really, really bad?” but obviously no one’s allowed to write that story, so instead Waid creates his own world, more head-nod-y than spoof-y.

I read Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series.  At first I thought I would hate it, but after the first book, it really grew on me, until I enjoyed it very much.  The first book had a bit of a party vibe, so I didn’t want my daughter to read it, and then there’s the whole “I wanna do it with my mentor” thing so I still haven’t really suggested it to her, but I know she’s read worse, and it’s handled fairly well.  (Adult responsibilities in teenagers = adult…er.)  The concept of the different classes is handled really well, I cared about a lot of the characters, and although you KNOW what has to happen by the end, it’s okay because the author follows through with her characters, for the most part.

I reread Shizuru Seino’s Girl Got Game, and it’s another series that lasts too long, but what you can do?  It’s enjoyable.  A girl dresses as a boy to fulfill her father’s dream of having a basketball star; hijinx ensue.

I caught on everything the library had for Fables, by the way.  Still enjoying the heck out of the series.

Argh, out of time.  Byeeeee!

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