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The Fine Art of Enjoying What You’re Doing

November 4, 2012

I wish I could explain to you how it works.

I didn’t have two days in a row off this week (if I’m working Saturday, I have off Friday) so I don’t have that great stress-free feeling I have on the weekends to go forth and be productive.  Instead, I feel like I have to be really productive on Sunday (because Friday is usually set aside for things that are best done during working hours, like taking care of doctor’s appointments and catching up on phone calls to whomever I was supposed to call like two weeks ago and whatnot, and then my kid needs me to pick her up from school around 3 anyway) and then I don’t feel like I got any sort of relaxation time.  I am, so far, where I need to be for NaNo with my personal stuff, but not the group book, which could only be started today because we needed a second planning meeting.  And of course I offered myself to write first.  Dummyhead.

Maybe if we hadn’t just moved, I wouldn’t feel so bad.  Maybe if I knew we weren’t going to visit my husband at the Naval base at least once this month I wouldn’t feel so rushed.  Maybe if I’d done some practice writing with something else–it’s been at least ten months, for God’s sake!  If only I could keep my library book longer so I didn’t feel pushed to finish it–but alas, it has quite the hold list.

Le sigh.

Anyway, I’d love to write to you about books, but I have to go write one instead of talk about them.  I WANTED to do my last recap today, but you know what needed doing?  EVERYTHING.

On the other hand, I unpacked a little and repacked a little for the storage unit, and went to the storage unit, and took my daughter to the Halloween store sale, and got some groceries, and tried a new recipe, and and and…

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