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Another little post

November 12, 2012

This one will be even littler than the last, because it’s almost midnight and I just drove 3 1/2 hours to get home so that my kid gets SOME sleep before school tomorrow.

So I’m thinking about getting rid of my PaperBackSwap account.

No, not getting rid of it.  Just emptying the shelves of swapable books.  There are a few reasons for this.  The biggest one is that I absolutely suck at getting to the post office.  I have books I was supposed to mail two years ago, and yet here they are, two apartments later.  I literally would give the books to my husband to wrap and mail every time someone requested one from me.  Sometimes if he wrapped it, I managed to get it to the post office on time, but not often.

And now I’m not really sure where that boxes is–or boxes are, and whether it’s worth the space to have them here.

I’m thinking not.

I’ve already turned down three or so people for books in the past few months.

I feel I’m wasting everyone’s time.

I will ask the kid tomorrow (because a lot of the books are hers), and maybe I’ll send out these last two requests and donate the rest.

Being from New Jersey, I feel a strong pull to pretty much donate everything I haven’t used this year.

It may happen tomorrow.

Good night, all.

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