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November 21, 2012

I’m never going to be done doing this.  Never.

Buuuut… fiction, fiction, fic-tion! (CONGA)

Arthur Meets the President by Marc Brown is all about how Arthur isn’t told ahead of time that a contest he enters involves public speaking, and it freaks him out.  I forgot how much of a smart alec brat DW can be, but she’s pretty hilarious.  Kids will giggle at the eh “twist” ending.

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen makes me so happy that I sent him that soup recipe the other day (he asked! in Bookpage!).  It is SO CUTE.  And the expressions!  Highly, highly recommended for lots of giggles.  Totally setting this aside for story time.  Sometimes I worry when people I know best as illustrators write books.  It doesn’t always come off.  I was wrong to doubt you, Jon Klassen.  Now go make some soup!

Dude, Babar is trippy.  Just saying.  I can’t believe I’ve never read The Story of Babar, The Little Elephant before.  Why does he just leave that woman?  I mean, like, dude, you go off and become King and you’re not like “Let’s start a revolution?”  Or “Let me go introduce my bride to my substitute mother”?  Or even “Let’s see what needs to be done around here”?  No, it’s, “Let’s go on our honeymoon.”  Mama wasn’t even invited to the wedding!

Is That You, Wolf? says it’s a board book, and I GUESS it is, but it doesn’t seem like a board book.  It also doesn’t have an author, just an illustrator (Steve Cox)?  I’m confused.  It scared me, for serious.  The first pocket scared me.  I kind of wish the first pocket had been the last.  Even though it says it’s a board book, I put it on display, because heh.

A Home for Bird by Philip C. Stead is a really good book.  However, I think he should let his wife keep doing the art for his stuff, because I have to say it–I like her style better.  But the text itself is adorable.  I want to read it to the kids, but I’m not sure they’ll like the art either, because it’s so streaky.

Jan Brett’s Mossy is my favorite of her books since I dunno what.  I don’t usually like her stuff.  It is, my co-worker and I agree, too busy.  But Mossy is the story of an endearing turtle with a garden growing on her shell.  Being awesome and an animal of course means that some humans have to take her out of her natural environment.  And then she is sad.  But will anyone notice?  Aww.

The Tooth Mouse by Susan Hood introduces American audiences to the French version of the Tooth Fairy.  However, the current Tooth Mouse is getting old and she needs to choose a successor.  Sophie wants to be the next Tooth Mouse, but can she prove her worth?   Charming art by Janice Nadeau.

Steven Banks (yay) wrote The Amazing Spongebobini, which is about Spongebob feeling guilty that Patrick is too sick to the go to the circus so he, of course, brings the circus to Patrick.  And it’s awesome.

Olive and the Big Secret shows how secrets don’t stay secret for long if you tell.  Eventually, someone tells someone with a big mouth.  It’s a cute story with a good less by Tor Freeman.

Santa is Coming to My House by Steve Smallman sure is the most generic Christmas story I’ve read in a long time.  Cute and harmless.  I like Robert Dunn’s art.

…And then I found out why, by reading their Santa is Coming to Texas, Santa is Coming to Florida, and Santa is Coming to California.  (Dude, no Jerz?)  They just plug in some names and swap a couple of the pictures.  Sigh.

Yeah, these things only work well if they have my name and cousins in them.  (I love you, Mother Hubbard book!)

Ready of Not, Here Comes Scout! by Jill Abramson and Jane “Fancy Nancy” O’Connor, with adorable art by Deborah Melmon, is a very simple story of a dog at the dog park, learning to make friends.  He has to learn about the other dogs before he can interact with them well, and that’s a great message.  There’s also a dog who isn’t adjusting as well, but there’s this little tiny sign of hope at the end that he too will make friends one day.  I’m okay, seriously.  I’m not tearing up.  Setting it aside for Toddler Time.

And with that, I must get to Thanksgiving prep.  Happy Turkey, y’all!  (And yes, I’ll be posting through the month.  Just because I lost doesn’t mean I should act like it!)

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