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The Plan

December 19, 2012

I have not been quiet about the fact that when my husband gets his posting (is that what they call it?), I’ll be going with him.  I’ve mentioned it in passing to the parents.  I’ve even told my boss that, no matter what, I’m here through Summer Reading.  We can always catch up with him in late August.  And if he is still in training then, whatever.  He should be done by October at the latest, so that gap of less than two months can be spent on getting us ready to move, getting us there and familiar with the area (if he gets his orders that far ahead of time, which is a possibility but I’m not sure how MUCH of one), blah blah blah.  Point is, I’m leaving.  I know I’m leaving.  It’s not going to be for another eight months, but it’s going to happen.

I’m sure it will be emotionally difficult, but that’s neither here nor there.  I’ve spent the past four months of my life dealing with waiting games and countdowns.  Whatever.  I’m more worried about the reality of the situation.  What do I need to get done?

Weeding.  I would like to weed the entirety of the children’s collection.  We’re a small library, and I only do the Easys and the Easy Readers, so it could be worse.  I’m already about halfway through the Easy Reader fiction, and the ER non-fiction is half that.  After that, I plan to go through the board books again, and then do a fiction/non-fiction trade-off for the rest of the time.  If I don’t hit the Zs, well, someone else will have to clean out the Zolotows for me.

My desk.  My desk still has a lot of stuff from my predecessor.  That’s not really sad, because some of it is necessary (like the tape dispenser, the glue, the reference books on story times), but some of it isn’t.  I would like to get rid of all the papers, again, and get the storytime lists down to a single document.  I want to archive the photos and delete all the personal information, like my resume and photos of me for the FB page and the newsletter and whatnot.  Then I’d like to reorganize the craft cabinets and closet in the meeting room, but if I don’t get to that, I’m not going to cry.  Although the boss might.

What will I be doing, if not working?  Well, if there’s a position where we’re stationed, awesome, but I’d prefer part-time to full-time.  I find that teenagers need Mommys as much as anyone else, especially if they really like skating and archery and going to the movies and doing research and going to cons etc.  I’m also going to write, on a regular basis, not just in November.

So I have Plans.

But they won’t get started if I don’t, you know, start them.  Off I go.

Wish me luck.

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