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Settling in at a new place…

April 23, 2013

Megan and I have promised to finish up our recap of Secret Vampire. I need to finish that last recap of Dark Reunion. I bought a copy of the new Christopher Pike at an overstock place (because I surely was not paying full-price for that) to recap. I am going to set aside the romances for the project I’ve been talking about for like four years. On top of that, I finally unpacked the broken laptop that doesn’t make me sick to look at it–but I’m supposed to start homeschooling my daughter soon. And she and I have started going to the gym. And I joined two local book clubs and three other meet-ups. And there are library programs to attend. And a social life to have! Friends to meet!

And the house to unpack. Have I mentioned that? And I need to buy new bookcases. Since we moved out of the house where my FIL built those gorgeous shelves, we haven’t even been able to unpack most of our books. And then one case is wonky and leans unsafely, and then my daughter killed another one in a way she won’t want me to talk about here because she’s still embarrassed about it. It was a silly mistake; I would’ve made it myself, and not at fifteen; probably at like 25. But yeah, it looks like I’ll have to make an IKEA run, and IKEA is FAR.

And I really wanted to finish the book I’d been working on!

AAAAND I am getting through The Well of Loneliness SO SLOWLY. It’s really, really good, and it breaks your heart how little and how much has changed over the past hundred years.  But it’s a slow book, it is.  And I’ve been reading it for like…a week and a half now?  That’s a lot for me.  I’m ready for new things.  A zillion new books.

I’ll get there.  I’ll get to all of it…in time.  I’m pretty sure sitting talking to my bff on Facebook most of the day doesn’t help though.  So, yeah, soon more stuff.

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