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Work work work…

May 23, 2013

Look at me, doing some clean-up on the blog. The recaps up to the last one, which I am beginning today (for some definitions of “beginning”), are now all in order under the “Vampire Diaries Recaps” tab. Today’s second order of business: reread the recaps. If possible, the third order of business is reread the chapter. And then the fourth order of business, actually writing the last, and hopefully epic, will probably start tomorrow, because I haven’t even showered or had lunch yet.

In other recappy news, my husband said he missed snarking on romance novel covers, so that means you’ll be getting extras when I start the romance novel project. I may do the romance novel thing AND Fearless AND Witch World AND Night World all at the same time, to keep myself from getting so bogged down by one thing I never get to the others. I’m hoping that saying “Ugh, I am not feeling romance-y today” will then not be a work-ender.

Aaand I still have months of mini-reviews to catch up with.

All I have to do to fit all of this in is have my daughter watch movies instead of discussion for homeschooling and skip the gym. Did I mention she’s going to camp AND my mom’s this summer? I WILL WRITE, OH YES, I WILL WRITE A LOT.

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