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WIB: September 15-21

September 30, 2013

1) At this rate, I’ll never hit my yearly goal.  I blame Grimm, Revenge, Young Justice, and Candy Crush.

2) I remember the good old days of getting a couple hundred hits per day and the occasional comment.  Now we’re having semi-epic Facebook discussions on Bookslide posts, but none of them are here and it makes me sad in the stats-belly.  Sigh. But it makes perfect sense NOT to comment here cuz it can be a pain.  Is there a way to connect them?

On to the books!

I finally, FINALLY read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It only took me a million years and getting a signed copy at BEA.  (Ryan got it for me, so no picture.)  Other people adore this series.  I liked it well enough.  I felt there were a couple of obvious twists or two.  I also felt like the characters never really attain any real depth.  As has been common of late, the author decided to spend all her character growth on the Hot Guy and forgot to give her heroine much of a personality.  But really, that was my only complaint about the book and I’ll probably get the rest of the series from the library…um, next year, at this rate.

Robotech: From the Stars by Tommy Yune et al tells some of Roy Fokker’s back story, from the last time he’s in the flying circus to Rick’s very important decision after his death.  There are some serious fan moments here: Roy’s disruption of the flying circus mimics Rick’s in the pilot episode of the series, little Rick, a young Minmei, AND you can watch some quick sketches of how his relationship with Claudia came to be what it is by the time the show starts.  The book has everything the series does–mostly romance and battles, not in that order–but I wish it were longer, more in-depth.  As I said, “quick sketches.”

Who was it that said “You need to read Anya’s Ghost“?  Could’ve been Miss AnnMarie back at the library, but I also feel like it was referenced in something I read or saw lately. So I read Anya’s Ghost and, while I liked it, it didn’t rock my world or anything.  Anya, a Russian-American kid who’s worked hard to lose her accent and the kid from “back home” her mother keeps trying to get her to be friends with, comes upon the bones of a girl who died a long time ago.  The ghost befriends Anya and helps make her life better, and soon Anya finds herself heading toward the life she always wanted.  But what looks great from the outside isn’t always on the inside, and Anya begins to realize she needs to live her own life on her own terms.  So, it’s a good book.  I just was expecting more, I suppose.  Anya smokes, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether your kid is old enough to read it.  I feel like I’ve seen it in the J section somewhere, but it’s really a Y book.  Graphic novels can be like that.

Finally, I read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.  It was our book club selection for Banned Books month, and I’m glad we read it.  It’s part-memoir, part-doodles, part-weepingly-depressing, mostly-funny-though book about a kid named Junior who decides to go to the local public school rather than the school on the res.  While at times I wished it were longer, the quick pace made it a very fast, enjoyable read, with funny highs and horrible lows that will open any reader’s eyes to modern Native life.

Next WIB: LBGTQ in Iran, what happened to The Last Survivors, and more!

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