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NaBlo: Day 1

November 1, 2013

Ah, the day where I feel really optimistic about my ability to keep up with two blog posts a day (one personal, on book blog) and 1667 words for NaNoWriMo.

I did stay up last night despite my better judgment and knock out my word count for today, which is a slight comfort.  There’s a write-in in the next town over that I’m going to go to, but I’m waiting for my daughter to come home from school because she wanted to check out the nearby comic book store.  The write-in is at a book store, so she’ll be fine with that too.  She said she was maybe doing NaNo but IDK if she’s decided.  Today’s the day for that, I suppose.

I am, of course, completely exhausted, which is not how I want to start the month.  It’s like New Year’s Eve.  One year, I went to bed before midnight.  My boyfriend at the time and I were over a friend’s, and I had crashed out in…someone’s room, maybe a guest room.  He woke me before midnight, but I said I was too tired to get up, and I fell immediately back to sleep.  The next morning I felt wonderfully rested and I thought, “Why do I not do this every year?”  It felt so much better to wake to a new year refreshed, rather than tired and crabby from staying up too late the night before.

Not that I always do it, depending on what’s going on, but I do try not to stay up too late on New Year’s Eve even if I do stay up until midnight.  It makes the most sense.  Start fresh.

So much for that this year, but I’m still optimistic.

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