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A whole book! In one day! (NaBlo: Day 10)

November 10, 2013

Oh, it was so nice to actually pick something up and read it all the way through.  No wait, I guess I started it last night.  Wellll, I peeked at the first chapter the other day when Cloud Atlas was ALLLLL the way upstairs.  But I’m done with the new Gayle Forman (VERY good, as always) and I’ve already moved to a…um, Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

Look, it’s almost Nostalgia Month, okay?  I used to own this book, back when I liked Wil Wheaton before it was cool.  And I saw it at a book sale, I think, and it was so cheap (fifty cents or less) so I thought, hey, I can always re-donate it when I’m done.

After one chapter in, I’m pretty sure I will.

It’s funny.  As I’m getting older, I’m finding it’s easier to buy a used book when I find it than to get it at the library, because so many books, especially paperbacks, go out of print and then the library can’t reorder it when their copy gets ruined.

But I’m going to continue NOT buying books this year and next.  I figure, I’ll go to BEA and get some stuff there, but everything else can wait for birthdays or Christmases or libraries.

I’m still sad that I’ve read less than 200 books this year, but I think that’s minus the work reads, which…oops.  I forgot to look at the actual challenge, which doesn’t care about my Goodreads list.  Huh.  I’m only NINETY-EIGHT books behind where I need to be.

…Uh, no.

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  1. Stacy Jensen permalink
    November 13, 2013 5:45 pm

    Unfortunately, pitchers who play the emotion card often believe that it’s the best way to make a good impression. Rather than basing their pitch on their books’ legitimate selling points, they fall prey to what I like to call the Great Little League Fantasy: the philosophy so beloved of amateur coaches and those who make movies about them that decrees that all that’s necessary to win in an competitive situation is to believe in oneself.

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