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Another day, another post (NaBlo: Day 11)

November 11, 2013

I started the bad habit of waiting on writing my personal blog posts until the day is over, but I’m used to writing both at the same time so by the time I get here I’m tired and I have very little to say and I want to get to bed.

Like today I did nothing book-related except knock out another ten or so pages of that Next Gen book, and I watched the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time, which of course I treat TV shows like books because it’s all narratives anyway, and I could say a lot about that, but I’d rather go to bed.  I WILL talk about it, though, because I have a lot of issues with the show–not the kind that take away from my viewing enjoyment, but the kind that make me feel like, “God, contemporary culture, why you so messed up?”

Anyway, bedtime.  And then tomorrow I will write something substantial.

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