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Oopsie (NaBlo: Day 21)

November 21, 2013

I came home from the library with a pile of graphic novels, and my husband said, “Hey, isn’t that DC? And Vertigo?”

Oops.  Already forgot about my boycott.  I’ll return the Wonder Woman (going to give Azzawhatsis one last chance, but never mind), but the Vertigo stuff can stay.  If it doesn’t contain DC characters, it belongs to the creator, right?  Didn’t they decide that a while ago?

My goal isn’t to punish the writers and artists who work for the company, but to make a statement about certain editorial choices at DC over the past few years.  My problem with this is that okay, I know I’m just one person, but what I don’t want is for the local library to be like, “Hey, no one’s reading these comics–we should drop them altogether!”  When DC comes to its senses–and it eventually will–I still want them to be on the standing order list.  But statistics are very important to libraries; for those who are in charge of collections, who obviously can’t read every book, statistics are a short-cut to popularity.  What makes the NYT Bestseller List may not actually be necessary for one’s library, if you don’t have the audience.  I want my library to know I love superhero comics, even DC superhero comics, but I don’t want to check out anything with The New 52/this regime.


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