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Magic, science, what’s the difference? (NaBlo: Day 23)

November 23, 2013

I hate magic in my science.  I hate science in my magic.

I do, however, love peanut butter and chocolate.

This really is a superhero thing.  Batman’s distrust of Superman and all those other heroes is pretty much about how he can’t control them.  Magic he can’t control at all, because it’s made-up bullshit, so other than for comedic value, teaming up Batman and Zatanna is annoying.  See also: Batman and Etrigan.  Even when I was a kid watching the show, I was like, “I love Etrigan.  I hate Batman and Etrigan.”

Which is sad.  I love Zee, I love Dr. Fate, and all of them.  I really do.  But when…was it Day of Vengeance?…came out, my boyfriend at the time was like, “Oh hey, I think they’re working to splitting the two universes: magic and no magic.”  And I thought, That would be amazing.  That would be the best.  You’d have this very deep, well-constructed universe on each side, and no awkward meeting places where things make very little sense.

Oh well.  So much for that.

My husband’s playing BioShock Infinite and I cannot help but think, “Get your magic out of my science!”  You have this utterly beautiful steampunky setting, and I can even deal with the steampunk if it would just stop being about wacky potions.  I had the same general feeling about BioShock.  “Wait, you’ve got this great underwater city and all this mystery surrounding it, and…it’s about superpowers?  The HELL you say.”

Rand’s static electricity thing might be pseudo-science, but at least it TRIES.  You can’t even say that about BioShock Infinite.  The problem is that NONE of what’s going on makes any sense to me in this new one.  (My husband plays because I get dizzy/vertigo; this way I can watch the game but close my eyes when I need to, which is absolutely necessary in Portal and in Infinite too, thanks to those skylines.)  I thought we were in the right building three times to get to something and we never were.  Yet the characters seem to totally understand the layout of the place even though they’ve never been there before.  It feels like a sandbox game in the scope of the environment, but you can only go certain places, which I’m sure to people who play games all the times feels natural, but to me feels like you’re being scooted along.  I’ll admit, this might be the Batman games’ fault.  Really, I’m at X point and I have to get to Y, and the only way is by a super-convoluted route that I can’t imagine in my head in any way, but if I keep going forward, I’ll stumble on it?  Genius…?

And people have the ability to MAKE THINGS FLOAT and they use it for, like, games, but everyone’s walking around.  Crazypants.  I’d be floating all the time.  Lightning out of your fingers?  Bottles of it everywhere!  And so on.  Total game logic.  Tons of coins in trash cans?  Sure, why not?  Somehow, this makes more sense than tossed out food in trash cans, coins scattered or whatever.  Code it all as one!  Sense can go out the window!

I don’t know why this drives me so crazy.  If you have the ability to make sense, and be consistent, why would you ever, ever do anything else?

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