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The Home Stretch (NaBlo: Day 26)

November 26, 2013

How long is a stretch?

I’m going to win two NaBlos and utterly fail my NaNo.  I have written about 10K altogether, in the three things I tried to write.  I suppose I could try to go crazy tomorrow while my husband’s at work, but his shift is such that even if I pushed myself, I couldn’t get more than, say, about 5K tops.  Nowhere near what I wanted to get done.

So what happened?  Was it poor time management?  (Yes.)  Was it writer’s block? (Not that I’d call it.)  Was it writer’s anxiety? (Yes.)  Did I write through the tough times?  (No.)

And that’s the thing.  I didn’t write through the bad times.  I freaked out about my inability to write instead.  I’m totally happy writing blog stuff.  Completely comfortable, if still putting off that damn recap.  (Will do it tomorrow, I swear.  There’s nothing going on tomorrow.  I’m not going to home for Thanksgiving.)

So yeah, I’m doing that, and I’m doing last week in books, and then I still have two days to fill, the last of which I’m sure will be me putting myself on the back.  I’m still nowhere near my old number of hits, but the Vampire Diaries TV show pretty much killed that.  (And here I thought I’d get more hits from it–instead, my site got buried in show results.)

After the last recap is done, though–ooh, Harlequins.  And job hunting.

Ughhh.  Real life.


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