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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

December 1, 2013

It doesn’t feel like the holidays unless my blog is snowing.

My December book reads are as follows:

-Oath of Gold, the third in the Deed of Paksennarion trilogy, off my husband’s list

-Midnight Sun (yes, THAT one), to get it off my Goodreads to-read list

-A Gentlemen’s Game, by Greg Rucka, which is a novel-novel, and not a graphic novel like the series it’s from–again, off my Goodreads to-read list

-my nostalgia pick for the book club, which is either Emily of New Moon, if I can find it tomorrow, or else A Wrinkle in Time

After that, if there’s still time in the month, I will be reading something my friend Vic lent me (not sure which one next, but one of them) and then probably some more nostalgia picks, and maybe Last Chance to See, by Douglas Adams, which was a birthday gift.  If I don’t have time for Last Chance to See, it’ll definitely get read in January.

I found another two boxes of books to put away today, but none had Emily of New Moon in it, which is a bit worrying because I KNOW I own that book and its sequel.  The third in the trilogy is on the shelf, so it should be there, but it isn’t!  The only person I would’ve lent it to was Vic, and she says she doesn’t have it, so…is there ANOTHER missing box?  The two I found today were just the last of my husband’s paperbacks and more to-reads, so blargh.

I think tomorrow I will put the to-reads in alphabetical order so that I may find them a lot more easily.  But I think I’ll keep the BEA books separate.  I’ll decide tomorrow.

And then I’ll figure out which ones I’m reading when.  Seriously, I am done with the library except for new books.  Did you see the next Lunar Chronicles book is coming out soon??  Thank you, Goodreads newsletter!

Ooh, and I have to restart my lists and goals next month, too.  I hit my twenty new books and fifty off my personal to-read shelves no problem this year, but in sheer numbers I didn’t do half as well as usual.  I’m only at 346 and a lot of those were children’s books at the beginning of the year when I was still working at the library and reviewing all the new books.  Only 177 of those weren’t for work.


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