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Veronica Mars, Bitten

January 3, 2014

Those are two different things, not the set-up for some odd, kinky, Piz-is-a-werewolf fan fic.

The Veronica Mars trailer is up and you can see it here.

…I’m just going to hope that I clicked a bunch of stuff to have more happen then just a copy of the link, which I could’ve done myself, THANK YOU WORDPRESS.


In other news, the werewolf book Bitten by Kelley Armstrong which made me think werewolves might actually be interesting in their own right and not just as second fiddle to vampires, is being turned into a television show.  Or has been and is a midseason replacement, I guess.  Is it midseason already?  I guess so because I had to watch a lot of “winter finales” recently.  In my day, we just called them “that last episode before hiatus.”  But making them “finales” means that we end with a lot of cliffhangers, some good, some eh.  Good: Revenge, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (making the finale pretty much the most interesting episode so far, which isn’t saying much).  Eh: Once Upon a Time.  Really, guys?

Anyway, I have systematically avoided television shows based on supernatural media I enjoyed as a kid/teen so far in the past: The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle.  But for some reason I’m thinking of giving this one a chance.  Whyyyy?  The sequel to Bitten read like Buffy season four fan fiction (and in fact that’s what I have suggested in the past and will continue to suggest it is), and the books that came afterward, which focused on a completely different character, lost my interest two books later.  Maybe it’s because the only other women-as-werewolf-and-lead thing I can think of is Ginger Snaps, and I feel like female werewolves are an interesting enough spin to bother?

Although I was flipping through Netflix the other day and I have to say, The Secret Circle called to me.  Maybe because I feel like the book had series potential and the characters didn’t bug the shit out of me like in Vampire Diaries?

Okay, okay, I’ll probably try them ALL now.  Except Teen Wolf.  Whatever, man.

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