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January reads in review: 2 of 4 completed, 36 books read

February 2, 2014

How does that even happen?  Well, I was sick, I was annoyed that I’d put off rereading so many of my favorites, I really liked blogging about Jennifer Crusie, that sort of thing.  I read the book for my book club but that wasn’t my goal for the month (stupid), it was to read the entire volume that the book was in.  Yeah, no.

Should I just stop being so hard on myself?  Didn’t I say I should stop being so hard on myself?  I’m pretty sure I said that!

But yeah, 36.  Jeebs.  I’m working on the third book of last month’s goals, but I don’t really wanna even write a goal list for this month.  I’ve got some new books coming in, like, brand-new, from the library, and I’ve got an eye on my to-read shelves, and I’ve knocked out a few from the currently-reading-never-finished-but-wanted-to list, and I think that’s really all I need to do.  Otherwise, shouldn’t I make myself happy rather than stress out?  I’m already twelve books ahead of my yearly goal…wait a second…

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