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WIB: Jan 5-11

February 13, 2014

Sorry I haven’t been writing.  Things have really been speeding up here, lots of appointments to go to and jobs to apply for and going to bed at 8pm exhausted.


Getting Rid of Bradley

Strange Bedpersons

What the Lady Wants

Charlie All Night

Anyone But You

OTHERWISE!  I read the X-Men trade where Northstar gets married.  It was cute.  I got a little sniffly.  It also collected a couple of other issues–one where Northstar introduces his bf to his wacky mutant world, which might have been more effective if the art had been less cartoony; and the one where Being Gay is an Issue and Northstar fights a bigot whose son died of AIDS or something.  Less effective by being over the top as heck.

Finally, I reread the novelization of the Batman event No Man’s Land.  Greg Rucka pieces everything together well, and it’s a great way for non-comic readers to be introduced to so many great characters: Huntress, Cassandra–oh, and there’s a lot of Montoya and the non-TV origins of Harley Quinn!  I laughed aloud at Joker’s first attempt to talk to her after Gotham is cut off from the rest of the world after an earthquake pretty much makes it uninhabitable and the government’s like “Blow the bridges; we don’t want this mess.”  Another point I really enjoyed was that Bruce Wayne is completely ineffective in trying to rally support for Gotham, because everyone sees him as his playboy persona.  How frustrating for him.  Rucka mostly stays out of Batman’s head and in Barbara’s, which is for the best.  Oracle! Oracle!

Man, I love No Man’s Land.  Highly recommended for people who aren’t thrilled with comic formats but love novels and the cartoons, which I know there are many.

Next up: the week I was really sick, so there will be a lot.

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