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BEA 2014 in crappy pictures

June 5, 2014

I did NOT bring the iPad.  It was too big.  So I used the iPod again, which means I had to take about five pictures per person to get a decent one.  I really should just get a camera since I have no desire to upgrade my phone to something that can not only take good pictures, but actually get them off of the thing–unlike mine, which can’t even transfer contacts between two of the same model phone, let alone send or receive photos.

All photos are mine unless otherwise noted.





Neil Patrick Harris was signing excerpts of his upcoming autobiography, which has a Choose Your Own Adventure theme and the fantastic cover to go with it.  I always joke that I have a shut-down switch somewhere in my body when it comes to gay men, so when I say that he was one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen in my life, that means something.  Very nice, and good at moving the line along.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: You know what I loved you in?  What was that show you were in with Tony Shaloub?

Him: Stark Raving Mad.  Tony’s a genius.

Me: No, YOU’RE a genius.

…I was incredibly surprised by how fangirly I got.


I am a big fan of taking pictures when I’m one person back, but it makes for terrible pictures.  This is Ann M. Martin of Baby-Sitters Club game, signing her new book, Rain/Reign.

Me: I feel like I’ve been reading your books forever. [Way to make her feel old, Alana.]  But you know what my favorite it?

Her: What?

Me: Sweet Valley Twins #1.

Her, bursting out laughing and turning to her friend: I DID write that one!


Anjelica Huston from afar.  I couldn’t not take a picture of Morticia Addams.  My daughter would’ve been so disappointed in me.


“Jovial Bob” my butt.  No, seriously, RL Stine was very nice, AND I didn’t tell him that Christopher Pike is better (but he is), but the poor man looked exhausted and it was only day one.  I got a picture of the two of us as well, but my eyes are closed.  Note to self: if no camera next year, remind people to take like twenty pictures with that thing and I’ll just delete the crappy ones next year.  Second note to self: Don’t believe someone who says “That’s a good picture!” when they’re using my old iPod.


How goddamn adorable is John Scalzi?  I just want to snuggle up with him on a couch and watch nerdy television shows.  I want to play board games with him and invite him to be on my superhero team during RPG Sundays.


Jo Walton is what we call “a chatter.”  She wanted to talk to everyone.  It was one of the slower-moving lines I was in, but she was so sweet.  I told her I was there because of a friend, and she signed two books–one for me, one for the friend.  Such a sweet lady, I would’ve actually gone back and talked to her again.




Dear Raina (Telgemeier), Remember when I said the picture wasn’t going to be all forehead?  I didn’t lie; I was just wrong.  See, when I take a picture, there’s a status bar across the top.  And that’s where your forehead was.  So I cropped the picture.  You’re welcome.  And adorable.  We’re so excited to read your new book!


That is a pile of Fault in Our Stars tissue packs that you got if you lined up for the movie poster.  The poster also came with a flyer that says how to get two free tickets to If I Stay.  The tissues were probably the best marketing device I saw at all of BEA.


Brad Meltzer, second year.  Did not embarrass myself this time.  He’s so pale.  Can that be healthy?  I know part of it is the bald thing, but SO PALE.


Scott Westerfeld, another chatter.  I’m reading his new book Afterworlds right now, and it is so good.


The Stan Lee line moved SO FAST.  It was really amazing because it meant EVERYONE could stand in front of him and hear that famous voice.  You basically got a “How are ya?” and “All the best!” and you were handed the book, and you let the next person have their three seconds.  I loved it.  Picture by Alison Pitt.

Alison also sent me this great picture of Jason Segel:


who I did not see.  But what a great picture!



Terrible picture from the back of the Event Hall of Tina Fey and Jason Bateman on the big screen talking about their new movie, which is based on a book.  The two sound very different, both good, and I will probably watch the movie if it gets to Netflix.




David Levithan and Maggie Stiefvater and the nice kid who put up with my babbling in line.  Levithan is Stiefvater’s editor, and I talked to him more than her because we read Two Boys Kissing for the book club and I’ve never been able to get a hold of the first of any of her books at the library.  Now I have a new one!  But I hear it’s a companion and I should STILL read Shiver first.  Sigh.


The madhouse around Cary Elwes, who was handing out excerpts of his Princess Bride book.  Dude needs glasses to break up the bland sameness of his face.  I think I was the only woman over 30 who didn’t have a huge crush on him because of that movie.

And that was it for me Sunday.  I didn’t do much, having been annoyed by how BookCon was set up, and I ended up leaving early.  But I’ll get into that next post.

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