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BEA 2014: The haul!

June 7, 2014

These are only the things I am keeping or giving to close friends.  Everything else has either already been donated to one of the local libraries or is in my trunk waiting to be donated to the library where I used to work in NJ.


Excerpts only (except the Stan Lee one, which is so thick I just put it into the regular pile).  A little sad that I didn’t get the full copy of Let’s Get Lost, but this one was signed.


Image, which has proven itself over and over again as a comic book publisher, had all first issues out of some of their popular titles.  This isn’t all they had, but these were the ones I grabbed.  Some of my favorite authors have titles with Image: Rucka, Brubaker, Vaughan, Kirkman.  Some of these, like Saga and The Walking Dead, I’ve already read, but others I’ve been hoping to get my hands on, like Sex Criminals and Alex + Ada.


The books! I got one for my bff, one for his mother, one for a friend who’d just praised an author and I happen to see her new book there, a handful of Kimani titles and a memoir (?) for Mahasin in the Morning, and I do believe the rest are for meeeee!  I’ve already read Landline (of course), Afterworlds (whoa, trippy), and the new R.L. Stine Fear Street book (um…).  Will be reviewing them soon.

I have a book club read to get to next, and then back to this beautiful pile!  I’m thinking Scalzi…

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