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WIB: Jan 26-Feb 1

September 2, 2014

Only four books this week!

The first was Little Miss Contrary.  I have no idea how I ended up with this book, but it was a quick jump into the past for me.  I had a handful of these books when I was little, and the cute factor exists to this day.  Little Miss Contrary is like Amelia Bedelia and Bizarro wrapped into one!

Then I read Christopher Golden’s Snowblind.  I really feel like Golden should be more famous than he is, but he’s mostly known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels.  I’d say this is the book R.L. Stine should’ve written instead of the awful Red Rain, but the weak ending almost ruined my enjoyment of an otherwise creepy, interesting book.  Seriously, what happened there?  Was it The Power of Love?  I can’t remember because it was so vague.

Finally, I reread and reviewed Welcome to Temptation and Fast Women.

Next up: three books.  What was going on with me?  Was I watching Arrow?

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