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WIB: Feb 2-8

September 4, 2014

Three books this week.  That’s crazy.

Uh, speaking of crazy, my first selection was Rat Girl, a memoir by Kristin Hersh.  I interviewed Hersh in 2006, and found her to be one of the if not THE most fascinating person I’d ever met.  I pretty much wanted to be her when I grew up, except without the mental illness.  Rat Girl focuses a bit on the mental illness, because it can’t not.  The book covers an important year in Hersh’s life, 1985: the band she started with her sister gaining buzz, a possible record deal, her illness and bipolar diagnosis, and then pregnancy.  As with the interview, I could’ve taken in her words for so much longer.  I could read a memoir of Hersh’s life year by year, no matter the length.  She’s a storyteller above all other things; listening to her talk between songs is worth the price of admission to one of her shows, and reading her words is just as thrilling.  I’m glad I got Rat Girl but I was sad when it was done.  I’m not usually a non-fiction reader, although I’m getting better at it, but my fascination with Hersh and the way she sees the world kept me rapt.  Highly recommended for Zee, if she hasn’t read it already.

I read and reviewed Faking It by Jennifer Crusie.

Finally, I reread The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (original review here), and there was a lot I’d forgotten: mostly, the middle.  I’d forgotten how serialized the story is.  The kind of book you can read chapter by chapter, night by night.  But otherwise, everything else stands.  It’s creepy, it’s good.

Next up: still not reading much.  Only two completed because of a bad one finished the week after.

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