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WIB: Feb 23-Mar 1

September 8, 2014

Ooh, look at me, making it to another month.

Five books in a week!  What is this craziness?

First I read True Blood: Shake for Me, which I couldn’t figure out the time period, then probably spoiled myself, but I can’t even remember because it’s been so long, so why am I reading this comic book anyway?  One story was better than the other, and at this point I couldn’t tell you which was which.  Maybe the second story was a bit confusing?  I think that’s what it was.  I kind of miss watching True Blood, but not enough to find someone with the DVDs.  So.

Next was Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate “I don’t understand your hair” DiCamillo.  (I don’t understand her hair, okay?  I can’t tell if it’s Southern big and white-blonde or gray or what.  Maybe she’s hedging her bets?  I have no idea what’s going on there.)  For a book about a superpowered squirrel, you’d think I’d have a better time, but I never love anything this woman writes.  I barely even like it.  I find almost everything she writes to be a slog, and afterward I’m like, “Winn-Dixie?  Eh.”  “Desperaux?  Eh.”  This is my third book by her, I think, and I’m done.  I’m just done with her.  I don’t like the way she writes. I don’t mind the big words–because some smart kids fixate on big words–and I don’t mind the cutesy or the sap, but there’s something else I hate and until I’m reading it, I completely forget what it is because I leave every book with the impression “Eh.”  And that’s it, which is why I’ve read more than two of her books.  But no more!

Mo Willems is pretty much my favorite children’s author right now, so when a neighbor offered to lend me a copy of his “grown-up” book, You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons: The World on One Cartoon a Day.  I guess this is a book you give your Brooklyn hipster who has a little kid.  It’s not bad, but it really is just a little sketch a day, and not all of them have much depth.  If I were not grossed out by the idea of a “bathroom book,” this might be a good choice.  Oh right, and also: the boobs are weird.  No wonder he sticks to kids’ books.

James W. Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me is a must-read.  Even if you don’t always agree with him, it’s important that at least the introduction of this book is read.  In school.  Loewen takes a selection of high school American history books and shows how they are biased, shows how they lay out American history as a progressive series of “wins” that inspire patriotism.  It is incredibly eye-opening, especially the part on textbook “writers,” who are often there only to revise and aren’t experts in the field.  yeah, if I was going to go with a non-fiction must-read for the year, this is it.

Finally, I reread the last of the “middle” Jennifer Crusie books, Bet Me.

Next up: Rainbow Rowell! David Levithan!

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