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Is Community the show that Big Bang Theory should be?

September 25, 2014

Short answer: sort of.

Abed is akin to Sheldon, but he’s all big eyes and adorkable sweetness and not horrible sexist slut-shaming.  When something goes over Abed’s head, there’s no cruel joke on Abed.  The humor’s in the scenario.

When Annie/Leia gets a quick crush on Abed/Han at the end of the second season, it’s not played for a “women who like sex! ha!” pile of jokes like the entire Sheldon/Amy relationship.  Also, I like how it highlights how when you’re young, you sometimes crush on aspects more than people.

I like that the people in Community recognize exactly what they are, but that’s not comparable to Big Bang because the latter is a group of people who are relatively the same age, and it’s not the same.  But the characters are much more self-aware, and invested in their dynamic and friendship.

However, one thing is sticking out at me three and a half seasons in: there are still no geek girls.

Like, nowhere.  Troy and Abed aren’t even looking for girls who share their interests, because TV and movies perpetuate the myth that we don’t exist.

It’s a great show so far, but I’m really hoping that as it progresses, so do the writers with geek-girl visibility.

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