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Amending my 2015 reading goals slightly

January 31, 2015

The libraries where I live now have a, to me, unusual way of dealing with new books.  They won’t lend them for the first six months.  Even where the catalogs are shared between libraries as part of a consortium, you have to physically go to a library to pick up a new book if you want it.  You can’t just put a hold on it unless the library where it is is your “home library.”

Sometimes I wonder what the point of a consortium is.

Anyway, given that my “home library” is the smallest in the area, with a tiny budget for materials, I’ve decided to change my “new books are November (previous year) to (this year)” policy to “new books are June (previous year) to (this year)” until I live elsewhere or the policy is changed.  It’s just too difficult to get a brand-new book from a library that only acquires a few at a time.

I don’t think it will matter much.  I’ll still be driving to the other library when I need to, and I have a good relationship with the library staff so that if I suggest something not as me but as a librarian, I am taken seriously.  But in case I need that buffer, it’s now there.

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