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If you’re telling me two stories at once…

March 9, 2015

…you’re usually not telling me one good story.

I have to say, I’m really sick of the double-storyline television show right now. It was interesting enough in the first season of Once Upon a Time, where we learned about the characters while they were under the curse and not truly themselves. It was a clever way to do it, but the show has been using back story as a crutch for a while now. This half-season’s storyline only proves that, because the past just might be contradicting everything we already knew.

Quit it. Stay in the present.

Oliver Queen in Arrow was “on an island” for five years. Does that mean we have another two seasons before we can finally stop watching these boring flashbacks? Again, in the first season, it’s good viewing. Actually, it’s must-see TV. It could’ve stood on its own. Flipping back and forth only weakened both storylines.  And the way they did it was awkward. Some episodes, you had situations that paralleled what Ollie was going through in the present. But it didn’t always fit, so they switched it up and we got a straight chronological look at Oliver’s first year or so, which made the parallels even clunkier. Now we’re at a period of time where most of what we see is kinda dull. But it doesn’t have to be.

Quit it. Separate the story lines. We’ll stay with you, I promise. (We’re still suffering through this season, aren’t we?) Or miniseries the rest of it.

The only show I watch that seems to tell two stories but is really telling one is How to Get Away with Murder. It’s basically done what first-season OUAT did: tell a mystery story where you get information in the present and the past. Because there’s no memory loss, no huge change of worlds, it doesn’t have the feeling of being two story lines–mostly, you know, because it isn’t. It’s most definitely not telling us two chronological stories, although you could say it feels that way: post-murder/pre-murder. A big difference is that we’ve watched the characters grow. The only one who really did that in the first season of OUAT was Emma, the person who had almost no role in the old storyline.

Quit it. Fine. HTGAWM gets a pass. But I’m hoping we’ll lighten up on the flashbacks from here on out. And no more flying cheerleader!

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