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Nerd Heaven! Marvel Unlimited is Comic Book Netflix

May 19, 2015

I found out the last day of the promotion that Marvel was offering a month of their Unlimited service for free. While I basically signed up just because I could, within an hour I was FREAKING OUT. It’s not 15,000 really old comics that I had no interest in, which is kind of what I expected. It’s everything I couldn’t keep up with during the height of my comic book reading because of money and library access. It’s more Ms Marvel comics than I currently have in my collection. It’s INFERNO, for Madelyne Pryor’s sake! It’s…everything.

And, hilariously, the background is full of stars. Probably on purpose.

So in the two days I’ve had this service, I’ve only put it down to finish my book club book and do things like laundry and dishes and work and watching Daredevil with my husband. (No spoilers!) So I’m mostly reading at night.  “One more issue…this makes up the whole second Young Avengers trade, so I’ll put it in my Goodreads as that…” I’ve been going to bed a couple hours later than I meant to.

Like Netflix, the sheer volume is overwhelming. At least with Netflix, when you pick something it’s usually in a good order and you’re usually sure you’re not missing on anything they don’t have.  With Marvel, of course, it’s a bit of a mess.  Even going by Publication Order doesn’t help much, since it seems to be weekly.  Weekly doesn’t sort everything for me.  But even when you don’t think something is there, it can be.  I searched by Character, for my beloved Jessica Jones, of course, and she only came up in 2 of 14 Pulse issues.  I thought they only HAD 2 Pulse issues. When I searched for “Pulse” under Series I got nothing, not realizing it would be under “The Pulse.” Still no Alias, though. 😦

So I’m not really sure how well the search function is, but at least, unlike Goodreads who will return Harry Potter for every darn search you do, it’s not coming up with Spider-Man for everything.

In two days, I’ve caught up as much as I can on Ms Marvel, read the third Pulse storyline and related Avengers Annuals that came up afterward, and reread Young Avengers, which was just as good as I remembered! I don’t even know where to go next.  Captain Marvel? All-New X-Men? Inferno? (Shut up; I love Madelyne.)

OMG, they have Spider-Girl??

Should I just try to read it all?  No, seriously, I can’t do that right?  I have a surgery coming up early next month, and I’m wondering if this is going to be how I spend my recovery time.

I’m okay with that.

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